Members of congress get to do things that you and I would be in trouble for if we would do or say what they do.

For instance, a member of the House can say that you murdered 100 people, and as long as they say it on the floor in the House or Senate and they cannot be sued for it, even if everyone knows it’s a lie.

But, sometimes they get too full of themselves and they feel emboldened to make those same accusations away from the Capitol building.

That is exactly what Hakeem Jeffries did. He accused Roger Stone of trading his silence for a pardon. Therein lies his mistake. Roger Stone is now vowing to sue Jeffries for defamation.

He has accused not only of Stone trading his silence for clemency but others such as Paul Manafort as well. But, the truth is, they were only prosecuted to get them to squeal on the president even though he has never committed a crime. Stone plans on suing him for $25 million dollars.

He is suing him as an individual and not as a member of the House, meaning any judgement would come from his pockets and not yours or mine. Of course Jeffries can get out of trouble simply by proving there was such an agreement. Even if it were true, which it isn’t, it would be impossible to prove.

From Fox News

The lawmaker, U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., made the controversial comments just after Trump granted clemency to Stone and multiple individuals, including his former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

“Congressman [Hakeem] Jeffries put on his Twitter feed some time ago that Roger Stone traded his silence regarding misconduct by the president in return for clemency,” Stone reportedly told 77 WABC radio on Thursday.

He added: “A, that’s a lie. B, it’s defamatory. And three, Hakeem didn’t say it on the House floor. Consequently, I’m going to be suing Congressman Jeffries for $25 million … So, I hope Mr. Jeffries has some proof to his allegation because I will see his a– in court.”



Steven Ahle

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  • SCOTUS awhile back upheld that citizens can sue LEOs and other officials who use their powers of authority to perform criminal acts. Basically, it puts tighter reigns on “Preferential Immunities” and gives harmed citizens a way to fight back.
    The UK Defamation Laws for Libel and Slander are more strict and stronger than they are in the US. That’s why Candidate Trump raised the issue back in 2016. Unfortunately, he never had a decent Congress that would go along with him as President. If by some chance he were to get such things changed, Lin Wood would have to clone himself several times over as many DC Swamp creatures will more than likely be be sued out of existence. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

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