Rising Democrat Star, Stacey Abrams, Accused of Using Non Profit to Finance Political Activity

The chief of the Georgia ethics commission says that Stacey Abrams used her non profit as a political committee.

That could lead to further crimes if it is determined that her campaign and the non profit coordinated their efforts to the benefit of Abrams’ campaign.

Abrams lost the governor’s race by 55,000 votes and claims that voter suppression was the reason she lost even though a record number of Blacks voted in the 2018 election.

She has been doing a ‘Hillary’ ever since her defeat.

She has more reasons for her loss than Carter has liver pills and none of them were her fault. Imagine that.

The New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund are both non profits run by Abrams, are said to have distributed literature for the Abrams campaign.

Political committees have strict reporting rules and therefore by using the non profits, Abrams was able to hide how much came in and where it was spent.

Abrams has a history of problems with non profits she has started. Besides the New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund, Abrams also founded Third Sector Development. That group was just hit with three new tax liens bringing the total to seven tax liens.

Abrams always blames clerical errors for the woes of her non profits.

From The Daily Caller

A spokesperson for Abrams did not return the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, but her former campaign manager denied the latest developments on social media.

“The Abrams campaign did not coordinate with, and did not accept contributions from, the New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund. The Kemp campaign did, however, coordinate with and accept $600 from David Emadi,” Lauren Groh-Wargo tweeted Wednesday.

Abrams — who has rocketed to national fame for her unproven accusations that she lost the Georgia gubernatorial election because of a coordinated voter suppression effort — has a history of founding nonprofits that have landed into legal trouble.

Third Sector Development, for example, was discovered in February to have been slapped with three additional tax liens, making it a total of seven known tax liens against the group over the years.

The latest fines were related to the group’s failure to pay state unemployment tax. Abrams has blamed all of the discrepancies on clerical issues.



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