Florida Sen Rick Scott wrote a scorching open letter to the woke corporations in the United States seeking to impose their will on the country.

He told them that their day of reckoning would come once Republicans take control of both houses of the United States Congress.

MSNBC called the letter creepy.

I guess it is now creepy to criticize BLM for rioting and looting and burning businesses, destroying many people’s jobs.

“Dear Woke Corporate America, I hope you are all having fun with your virtue signaling. I hope you are enjoying trying to one-up each other and showing how woke you can be, all the while believing that you are more sophisticated and morally superior to the hard-working people of this country. You must have loved the accolades from your elitist, left-wing peers when you took the MLB All-Star Game from Georgia. What a fun day for you on Twitter. Congratulations.”

Scott said:

“You get texts from your elitist friends praising you for your courageous stand when you support ‘mostly peaceful’ movements that loot small businesses, set fire to government buildings, and take the lives of innocent people.”

“You know that the Georgia law actually expands early voting and does nothing to suppress or curtail the voting rights of anyone. And yes, the Georgia law requires an ID to vote. Well, so does Delta Airlines, and so does Major League Baseball in order to pick up tickets. It’s not that you have twisted the truth; you have rejected the truth. Worse, you do not care what is true.”

“Let me give you woke corporate leaders a heads-up: Everybody can see the game you are playing. Everybody can see your lies. You are the naked emperor. You are, in fact, morally inferior to the working men and women of this great country, who are not racist people, and who, unlike you, care about truth.

And here is another bit of news for you: There is a massive backlash coming. You will rue the day when it hits you. That day is November 8, 2022. That is the day Republicans will take back the Senate and the House. It will be a day of reckoning.”

“So, cancel as many people as you can right now. Make as much money off of slave labor in Communist China as you can now. Keep telling your customers how racist and sexist and unsophisticated they are. The backlash is coming.”


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for DavidJHarrisJr.com, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on Amazon.com. All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • Let’s make something clear: This type of sophistry on the part of any republican is what we have heard for years. Republicans purposefully undermined and dragged their feet before and during the entire Trump presidency and slow walked and backed away from fulfilling any of the meaningful campaign promises they ran on. All of them – including John McCain – ran on a platform of border enforcement, repealing Obamacare, protecting 2nd Amendment rights, election integrity, etc. They dragged their feet and tossed away every chance given to them – even when they held all branches of power with a President eager to enact all of those policies.

    In short, republicans are frauds. They are the Washington Generals of politics. The party is meant to act as a release valve and a placeholder to occupy positions of power till the office can be handed back to a democrat.

    They present themselves as an opposite alternative to liberal policies, so they give frustrated voters a chance to “make their voices heard” by voting them in. They have purposefully squandered and thrown away every single opportunity they’ve been given since 1994. No party that actually was a real opposition force would make the decisions they do. Liberals get clobbered in elections and their response is to get nasty and fight to the death by any means necessary. Republicans win everything and the first thing they do is wax poetic about civility and compromise and toss their base into the dumpster.


    Republicans had the House and the Senate for the first two years the President was in office, and they purposefully slow-walked everything and dragged their feet from the moment he got into office. It was obvious. These lying pieces of garbage who made excuse after excuse as to why they just couldn’t stop 0bama or undo any of his damage while he was still in power reacted to the President being elected based on the same campaign issues they themselves ran on by doing the exact opposite of everything they championed for years. Virtually all of the promises President Trump fulfilled was through executive action.

    For any republican to speak of retaking the House and Senate (as if it means anything) – when they purposefully sat idly by and watched as the Presidency was taken from the winner and simply given to a dementia-ridden geriatric pedophile in a sloppy, last-ditch effort to drag his worthless carcass across the finish line through blatant lawlessness and fraud – is all just another repeat of the same pattern of deception they have been part of for decades.

    • I definitely agree with you. Unfortunately, many Republican politicians have sat around idly while true leaders like President Trump took action. But Harris’ letter is also right, and it doesn’t matter if he’s a Republican or not. The radicalization of many present-day left-wing political supporters has become more than a swing in political sides, it has become a threat to both, national and international security. The radical left is no longer a far-side collection of political activists, but now, a growing regime that desires to create a fascist society where anyone who opposes their policies or their rule are basically deemed an enemy of the state – so it now must take the action of the people, not just through voting but also through multiple forms of peaceful but firm demonstration, to clarify that the radical left and its self-righteous antics are no longer facing the “wrath” of the Republicans but now, the end of America’s patience.

    • Mr Rivers. You have spelled out exactly what happens. But not what to do
      about it. I once saw where a young boy finally got his turn to try to break
      the pinata. He had the blindfold put on and took the stick and they turned
      him around and he started swinging. Meanwhile they took the pinata and
      everybody left and he was out there alone swinging at the empty air. I think
      the day after the election we all felt like that boy must have felt when he
      stopped swinging and took the blindfold off to find himself all alone.

      • I’ll tell you what I’m doing about it: I’m not voting anymore.

        We witnessed, right in front of our eyes – the republican party collude with liberal democrats to give the presidency to Biden. Not steal – simply take in open view – and not a single institution of law enforcement – or the court system – did a single thing to change that.

        Voting now – knowing that the results are whatever someone else decides it is going to be, and that the entire concept of a opposition party simply has been a fraud to begin with – is pointless.

        It has been determined that our country is going to be overrun by hoards of uneducated, illiterate, unskilled illegals – because the people who control our political system want it. They have corrupted every institution with immorality, perversion, vice and corruption because they have deemed it to be so. They shut down our economy with a scamdemic to take away our freedoms, our livelihoods and our way of life because they’ve decided they don’t want those things here. They are going to take away our 2nd amendment rights because the Constitution gets in the way of what they want, so it doesn’t mean anything anymore. They are going to force people to take experimental shots that change your DNA forever to combat a virus with a 99.8 percent recovery rate – and those that refuse will have their freedoms taken away – because they’ve deemed that freedoms have to take a back seat to combat something that they helped China produce.

        There is nothing left for us to hold onto or believe in except our faith in Jesus Christ.

        “Be patient with what sufferings you endure, for you can be sure that the Lord has a purpose for you and he will keep his promises. Answer humbly those who question you. Thank those who injure or humiliate you. Be obedient to your calling with great joy and gladness. An eternal kingdom awaits you. Cast your care upon the Lord and He shall uphold you.” (1 Cel XII)

  • Sure pal, get off the drugs, they’re turning your mind into mush. Republicans couldn’t fight their was out of a paper bag.

  • Republicans couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Get off the drugs, they’re turning your mind into mush.

  • The American people have had enough of the lies and corruption in the public and private sectors. It won’t be any particular party that brings about “a day of reckoning”.
    It will be the American people from all parties that will hold ALL the liars accountable.

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