A video has been released and if it is genuine, will be a real problem for Joe Biden and the Democrats who insist there was no voter fraud at all this year. Let me ask you this. Other than voter fraud, why would you order a large number of election ballots? As far as I can see this is devastating unless it’s a fake, which I cannot confirm or deny.

When I read these videos it reminded me that ballots in Georgia were supposed to look differently that the other ballots. Furthermore the same witness said that the marking for Biden looked like they were machine marked. It could have been part of the printing job itself.

The witness described the ballots as being pristine, which could possibly be because the ballots were never handled and just run through the tabulator. And if the marks were done as part of the printing, the ink would not leak through the paper. The ballots would be easily read and would add up very quickly.

From a TGP reader: Our friend happens to be Chinese, but does not like the Chinese Communist Party. My wife showed me an intriguing video which I have enclosed. There is an English translation on the side… It is too bad that there is not a way to get a closer view of the ballot to see the candidates! Then you could detect the destination state. Hopefully you have some digital experts that solve the problem.

Two reader claim that you can see Charlotte County Florida on the ballots. Interestingly registered Democratic voters have an almost 2 to 1 advantage in the county. All of the alleged voter fraud took place in Democratic strongholds where Democrats control the count.

I do not know how important this information is and neither do you. I will wait to see how this plays out before making up my mind. I strongly suggest you do too.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for DavidJHarrisJr.com, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on Amazon.com. All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • Thank you for standing with President Trump on the voter fraud problem our country is facing. When I saw the vote counting stop all at once in the four or five remaining states, I could hardly get to sleep that night. I am 63 years old and never have I felt so concerned for the United States. I was watching a coup take out our President by using our national election process to do so. I had no doubt. A good friend of mine in NH contacted me the next day telling me she thought the same thing when she saw it. This cannot stand. Thank you again for standing with President Trump on what is clearly the most important thing our country will ever have to untangle if we are to remain a democracy.

  • You are so lame. Why can’t you accept that the American people just didn’t like trump? We voted him out legitimately! There was no fraud necessary. He’s just such a terrible person and terrible leader that we had enough, and decided that he isn’t the right person for POTUS.

    You’ve been so warped by his grandstanding and lies that you’ve lost all perspective on reality.


  • It’s obviously fake – I know enough Chinese to tell that the translation is complete nonsense that doesn’t match up. Beginning sentences are in fact a standard greeting and response, completely omitted.

    Also your claim about Charlotte county having a ton of Dem ballot requests is the exact opposite of reality. They were 2-1 roughly, but REPUBLICAN HEAVY.

    https://www.charlottevotes.com/ shows the stats.

    And votes made were even heavier Republican than that with a nearly 2-1 advantage for Trump in the county.

    Which actually outperforms Trump from 2016 for Charlotte county where he was actually 3% less effective.

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