Retired ICE Agent Recalls Murder of His Partner

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Victor Avila, a former ICE agent, appeared with Tucker Carlson and spoke about the time he was shot three times and his partner was killed, along with his views on the border crisis. Avila was born near the border, and he worked in Mexico when he was with ICE. And then one night, he was shot three times, and his partner, Jaime Zapata, lost his life.
Avila said:
“Well, Tucker, I have to say this is personal. I have worked in Mexico. I have worked on the border. I was born and raised there. I was attacked, and Jaime Zapata lost his life, Agent Zapata, right next to me, while we were on assignment in Mexico. I know that this is real and the crisis is real. The border wall is very much needed. This is a physical barrier that’s going to help our border agents down there.”
From The Daily Caller

Carlson followed up, “How do you, as someone who went through that, what’s your response when you hear members of Congress, congressional leaders say that there’s no crisis at all and we’re imagining it and, in fact, it’s racist to say there’s a crisis at the border. How do you respond to that?”

Avila responded,

“The crisis is real. I lived it. I worked it. Especially the racist comment is just unreal. Mexico now is looking to start to control their own southern border by sending their own federal troops down to the Guatemala and Belize border because now they’re feeling the impact of the immigrants coming through their country. So are they going to be racist as well? So it’s just absurd to think that it makes it a racist statement because, or it makes you a racist because you want a wall. Let me tell you what is immoral. What is immoral is the exploitation of our asylum laws.”

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