Report: Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Slams Door On Anchor Baby Schemes

President Trump’s Remain in Mexico plan is having a great effect on the number of anchor babes born in this country.

They can no longer come here, drop a baby, and apply for freebies. When the pregnant women show up at the border, they are told to wait in Mexico.

If their court date is coming up, that date is pushed out until after the birth of their babies.

Local San Diego reporter Max Rivlin-Nadler has written that he has talked to four pregnant women waiting in Mexico about their experiences, and he was told that the women were told to wait in Mexico. It’s just this simple.

If a woman applies for asylum and her claim is found to be legit, and she can stay, so can her baby.

This eliminates the women getting to stay even if their claim is denied because they have an anchor baby.

Rivlin-Nadler reports:

KPBS has found at least four pregnant women who were turned away by Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, even though they had been given a court date in the U.S. Some of those women say they were then given new court dates for the month after they would give birth. Others were never given a new court date and had their case closed by an immigration judge. [Emphasis added]

“We told them our names, and the official said that we couldn’t board the bus because I was pregnant and already 8 months along,” Karina said in Spanish. She’s an asylum-seeker from El Salvador. Karina and her husband fled their home country after she says gangs tried to kill them.

There has never been a ruling by the Supreme Court on anchor babies.

When the constitution was amended, it was done so to assure that all slaves and the children of slaves become citizens President Trump needs to sign an Executive Order denying anchor babies citizenship and then let it run its course through the courts.

About 400,000 anchor babies are born here every year, costing taxpayers 2.4 billion dollars every year just for the hospital costs.


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