John Fredericks was on the War Room with Steve Bannon and he says that the Trump team got a voting machine from tiny Ware County, Georgia. Furthermore, technicians say that 37 votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden. This is something that Dominion Voting says cannot happen.

If this story is try, it changes everything. There would be probable cause to check other machines in Georgia and in other states as well.

Remember, when you take one vote from one candidate and transfer it to the other, it is equivalent to 2 votes. Assume two candidates have 10 votes each and one vote gets switched. Now, it is 11 to 9.

Sidney Powell has requested a forensic study of the Dominion voting machines in Georgia. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Powell fast tracking on her suit to examine the machines.

If it turns out the information from Fredericks is correct, that could help her case dramatically. The 11th Circuit Court is overseen by Justice Clarence Thomas. So that helps the odds.

At the 52:30 mark in the video below, John Fredericks shares the news on the War Room with Steve Bannon:

From The Gateway Pundit

According to Fredericks, there were 37 votes that flipped in this small Georgia County on the machine.  However, this represents only .26% of the Georgia ballots.  When extrapolating to the entire state, this equals more than 14,000 votes and Georgia was stolen by only 10,000 votes by Biden.

This also shows that we now know conclusively in Georgia that the Dominion voting machines were flipping votes.  It supports our reporting that votes were switched across the country.  We were the first to report a month ago that millions of votes were being removed from the Trump column and/or moved to the Biden column based on an analysis of data from the election.

This news is huge because we now conclusively know that the Dominion voting machines were flipping data.  This supports our reporting on November 10 where we shared that millions of votes were flipped in the election from President Trump to Joe Biden.  BOOM.

If this does turn out to be true, voting machines in every state must be checked. That is because the machine can’t change the votes, the software does.


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  • This is the second article this week riddled with simple spelling mistakes. David, I like an respect you and thank you for speaking the truth…but Steven has to do better. It’s hard to take anything serious that can’t get the simple stuff right.

    • Yes please fix this. I don’t like being ridiculed when sharing this truth with others.

      “If this story is try, it changes everything”

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