Far-left Long Island Democrat Rep. Tom Suozzi (NY) gave himself tens of thousands of dollars in rent for the single property owned by Ruvo Realty LLC. Ruvo Realty LLC is owned solely by Suozzi.

The rent was paid through campaign funds. The rent he paid was usual and appropriate but the practice of enriching yourself using campaign funds is unseemly at best. It’s a case where it may be legal but may not be right.

Suozzi’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) report shows he used $37,860 from his congressional campaign fund to pay the rent on the office. He fully reported this information as required by law.

On January 2 of last year, the report showed that Suozzi “dropped $19,500 on “office rent” to Ruvo Realty LLC. This past January 19, he paid his realty company an additional  $18,360 rent payment. Suozzi fully disclosed both transactions on his disclosure forms.

The New Yorker’s 2019 financial disclosure report showed the Congressman was the sole owner of Ruvo Realty. One has to wonder, though, just how much the office is used between elections and whether it is indeed a campaign office.

Again, I am not implying that the transaction is illegal but more importantly how bad does it look? Suozzi has lowered the monthly rent, making the new figure below what would be reasonable for space.

From Breitbart News

The sole asset that belongs to Ruvo Realty is one single unit, and the report revealed it to be “in the 3 School St. Professional Condo office building in Glen Cove.”

The Post also uncovered the company Suozzi has set up only has one asset listed, which was a single unit in the 3 School St. Professional Condo office building in Glen Cove. A spokeswoman for Suozzi told the Post, “the company was expressly set up for the purpose of housing a Suozzi campaign office there, where staffers regularly work.”

On Thursday, the Post reportedly stopped by the office and saw:

…a sign on the door for unit 305 gives no indication of its affiliation with the Congressman beyond a small white placard bearing the letters TRS — Thomas Richard Suozzi’s initials … lights were off and there was no answer from inside.



Steven Ahle

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