Senate Republicans are warning Mitch McConnell that he could lose his seat as the Senate Minority leader if he votes to impeach President Trump.

McConnell who is to the US Senate what Chamberlain was to the British government should resign his position immediately even if for no other reason than he believes in a surrender first policy towards the Democrats.

Many Senators are losing faith in his ability to lead the opposition party.

McConnell has refused to say how he would vote on impeachment but no one would be surprised if he votes for impeachment.

Before Trump became president, McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan rolled over for the Democrats time after time.

Even if he is allowed to remain in his position now, he must be thrown out after the 2022 midterm election.

The Republican party deserves better and voters should punish any GOP Senator that votes for him.

The Democrats are falsely accusing President Trump of inciting a riot despite the fact that the riot was planned well ahead of January 6th and the fact that it started before Trump even spoke.

They are also ignoring the numerous Democrats who defended the rioting with antifa and BLM, which led to massive damages to cities across America.

The impeachment has nothing to do with committing a criminal act as Trump said nothing divisive, it has to do with trying to prevent Trump from running again in 2024.

After four years of Biden/Harris he would be tough to beat without major hanky panky on the part of Democrats. This year they had to stop counting votes in the swing states until they could arrange massive vote dumps for Biden in the middle of the night.

From Breitbart News

Lawmakers in the Democrat-led House of Representatives, including ten Republicans, voted to impeach Trump for the second time one week after the U.S. Capitol protest that occurred on January 6, accusing him of inciting the chaos that took place. Now the Senate is tasked with holding a trial, despite the fact that Trump is already out of office.

 However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has already revealed that their major goal, in addition to convicting Trump, is to prevent him from ever running for office again amid fears that he will launch another presidential bid for 2024.



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  • Something to ponder.. If Biden really won and beat Trump by millions of votes, without even campaigning, while Trump had to hold rally after rally to lose, one would think the last thing the Democrats would worry about is him running again. And yet here we are!!

  • Actually we need to start calling Mac “Beijing mitch” – -he’s married to Chinese Chao, whose wealthy CCP family “owns him”!

    • So does Dominion Voting Machine Co. as they donated to Mitch’s campaign back in March or April of 2020. Mitch is owned both ways.

  • Mitch McConnell…is the type of politician that would have been part of the Warren Commissions phony report that a loan gunman named Oswald shot Kennedy. His giving Trump any support for four years was a calculated, self serving way of solidifying votes for establishment republicans of his ilk. Notice the second Trump could no longer enhance his political power; he turned like a Tasmanian devil against him, dropping any support for him like a hot potato because he no longer served Mitch’s’ purpose. To Hades with serving the American people.

    • and how about those who issued the report that all of the steel girders that held up the floors of the twin towers all were melded by burning airplane fuel simultaneously in each building so that they collapsed a fell straight down into a pile of rubble (as would have happened with a professional building demolition)?

      • What kills that idea is this: These terrorists were out to do as much destruction and killing of Americans as possible. If both buildings went outward and away from just dropping down, they would of still killed all in the building, and added those outward and away from building where the buildings then would have landed. Out and away would have killed many more by far over dropping straight down on itself. The weight of the top coming down just kept adding up and knocking out the lower floors like dominos.

  • McConnel and fellow RINO’s have already killed the GOP by not backing President Trump , who got more LEGITIMATE votes than any other president in history…..even with the China flu being used as an excuse for the mail in voting fraud. Since you RINO’s already shot yourselves in the foot, causing a mass exodus of the Republican Party, go ahead and do a fake impeachment and finish the job. That just adds to the momentum to get a Trump lead 3rd party going …..which the USA now desperately needs. There never will be another fair and honest election in the US unless drastic measures are taken…….and there’s plenty of good people willing to take on the task. The US has sunk to the level of Venezuela, and that needs to change.

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