The police in Philadelphia were told not to arrest anyone. Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton allegedly ordered police not to arrest any of the rioters. That makes no sense. If you don’t arrest them, they will just go ransack another business. Yet, somehow the police did manage to arrest ninety of them. Will the arresting cops be punished.

“By the order of CAR-2, Philadelphia Police will respond to ‘priority’ calls only,” the alleged directive from the department obtained by Keeley said. “This means no calls for disturbance, missing person, stolen vehicle, burglary or theft will be answered.”

Steve Keeley@KeeleyFox29
·Breaking: OBTAINED BY FOX29 NEWS. The directive from @PhillyPolice executive team. Extremely frustrated officers, both patrol&commanders told me overnight they were” ordered to NOT arrest looters just disperse them”. ‘CAR-2’ is Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton @FOX29philly


Steve Keeley@KeeleyFox29·Yesterday when police announced the number of arrests in the Mon-Tues looting, charges were for “burglary”. And in the directive, @phillypolice point out no calls for burglary will be responded to by the dept. & officers think that leaves no deterrent to stop looting @FOX29philly

Rioters hit the streets on Monday and immediately started looting and burning. They would not let Antifa or Jews that showed up were not allowed in with BLM. Governor Tom Wolf called them peaceful protesters even after they injured 30 cops and one journalist.

One hilarious thing has come out of the riots in Philly that I find completely hysterical. A looter came out of a store to find that a fellow looter had stolen his car. And when he called the police, they told him that all available officers were out handling the looters and were not answering many calls including auto theft.

The riots started after police were called on Walter Wallace Jr for the third time that day. Wallace made his way towards officers with a knife in his hand. The officers kept backing off and ordering him to drop the knife. He kept advancing until finally he was shot and killed.

On the first night of riots, 30 officers were injured including a female officer that was hit by a truck, breaking her leg. A dozen businesses were looted and they flooded the Walmart after looting it. And looters were even shooting other looters as eleven people were shot.


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  • Why would any business stay in these Dem controlled cities when law and order is told to stand down by their leaders sworn to protect ALL citizens? Why these businesses don’t sue local government for doing their job is beyond my comprehension.
    P.S. Listen and obey police

  • It’s ok if Democrats burn and loot Democrat cities. They like their cities covered with graffiti , their stores closed and boarded up, their schools closed, their police neutered and unable to protect anyone, not even themselves, and their first responders refusing to go into the hood to give medical care without a police escort. It’s all good, it’s the Democrat way. Anybody planning a vacation to Philly?

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