California Gavin Newsom is on a new tear. He says the only people wanting him to be recalled are conservative extremists, racists and such. He has been joined by Bernie Sanders and Lizzie Warren. But the actual signatures do not show any such thing happening.

In fact, in Los Angeles County three times as many Democrats signed the petition as did Republicans. 52.45% were Democrats and 17.15% were Republicans with the balance coming from voters with no party affiliation.

The truth is that Gavin Newsom is unpopular because of his extremist positions on welcoming illegal aliens, severe lockdown orders, and economic policies that have caused businesses to desert California for more business-friendly states like Texas and Florida.

The homeless problem has become a crisis and people have lost faith in Newsom being able to deal with it. The blame lies with the voters. Everyone knew what Newsom was like before the election and he was voted in by acclamation.

The recall campaign now has over 2 million signatures with over 1.8 million having been verified. A petition needs less than 1.5 million to trigger a recall. I hope the Republicans are smart and rally around just one candidate because the Democrats will have at least two on the ballot.

We could flip the state but if we were to get another Arnold Schwarzenegger then it would be the same as electing another Democrat and give the Republican party a bad name.

From The California Globe

If this LA County report is legitimate, this may be a far more bipartisan recall election than anyone realized.

The Gavin Newsom Recall Campaign announced late last week it gathered 2,060,000 signatures, eclipsing a self-imposed goal of 2 million by the 10th.

According to a press release by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, of the now 2 million-plus signatures, 1, 871,573 have been pre-verified internally through a third party, while 1.8 million signatures have already been sent to the registrar of voters offices in 58 counties.

By law, only 1.495 million signatures, 12% of the total Gubernatorial vote in 2018, are needed to trigger a recall election. This means that even with a  25% signature rejection rate, far above the current state and campaign third party rates, the  recall will have enough to be on the ballot this year.


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