There is a rumor going around that Joe Biden is considering naming Andrew Cuomo for the position of Attorney General.

The good news is that he will do as well as AG as he has done as governor. The bad news is that he will do as well as AG as he has done as governor. However, the chances are he won’t kill nearly as many people in his new job should he get it.

But, for Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo would be a great pick because he has no conscience either. No matter what trouble Joe, Hunter, and James find themselves in, Cuomo has the capacity to cover it up.

There is still a little honor among thieves, but very little. He should have put him in charge of Social Security.

His innate ability to send contagious patients to nursing homes would save them a lot of money as the elderly die off long before they would normally. Just think. He would have the whole country to work with and not just one state. His numbers could go through the roof.

More from the AP:

It was also not immediately clear how seriously Cuomo was being considered or how any nomination of him would be greeted by either Republicans, given Cuomo’s antagonistic relationship with President Donald Trump, or by civil rights activists who have encouraged Biden to build a diverse cabinet.

Cuomo has been asked in recent weeks about his interest in the attorney general spot. Just this week, he said in a public radio interview in New York, “I have no intention to run for president or vice president, or go to the administration.” But he said the attorney general job “is really critical, especially now.”

The New York Times pointed out that just days after the election that he was not interested in working for the Harris administration. So, the chances are he would pass on any job he would be offered.

Cuomo told local media:

“I said to New Yorkers when COVID first started my only agenda is New York. I’m not running for president, not running for vice president, not going to Washington. This is going to be a long road for New Yorkers. I want them to have total trust in what I’m saying. I have no agenda but being New York governor and I’m going to stay here and finish the job.”

Also still in the running for the job is Sally Yates, Sen Doug Jones who just lost reelection and Merrick Garland, a failed SCOTUS nominee.


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  • Good….bring all of those Biden horror show nominations to the fore. Cuomo won’t accept it because it would involve a deep screening process that he could never withstand. IF he did accept, it would ” open the books” on his dubious background and associates. Like his dad Mario, he might entertain the suggestion and revel in the attention for his 15 minutes, but then quietly back away. I keep seeing that obama might be nominated to the Supreme Court, too. That would be fine, also. We’d finally get a chance to vet him truthfully and entirely. Don’t look for bath house barry to jump on that offer, either. Bring them all on and hold those ” inquisitors” feet to the fire and demand a thorough investigation in the appointment process.

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