There are now allegations of voter fraud in the race for the House in District 22 in New York. On election night Claudia Tenney lead freshman Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi (N.Y.) by over 28,000 votes. After counting the mail-in ballots, Tenney still leads by 100 to 200 votes.

Enter Democratic Oswego County state Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte stepped in and insisted that he be allowed to review the ballots that were refused.

Miraculously after he finished, Tenney was losing by 13 votes. This is bound to spur legal action by Tenney. I would also like to see the judge disbarred and removed from the bench. He has no standing to be making these decisions.

“BREAKING: sources on both Dem & GOP sides confirm that the final counts submitted by all 8 counties in #NY22 to NY Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte will show Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) *ahead* of Claudia Tenney (R) by either 12 or 13 votes. Wow,” Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman reported following the development.

 Hot Air editor Jazz Shaw explained:

What are the details?

“In NY-22, the Democrat incumbent was trailing by almost 30K on election night. The mail-in ballots got him close. Then a Democrat judge from Syracuse ruled he would personally ‘review’ all of the spoiled ballots that had been rejected. Guess what happened next. The judge miraculously ‘found’ enough ballots that he felt were okay and the incumbent now ‘leads’ by 13 votes.”

The problem is that the count as of now include fake ballots, ballots for the dead and other invalid votes. That 13 vote lead is worthless but even so Brindisi has declared victory. If Tenney wins the seat, Republicans will have picked up 15 seats giving Democrats a minuscule majority in the House.

This race won’t be decided anytime soon. There will be lawsuits against the judge I’m sure as well as demanding the invalid ballots be removed from the count.


Steven Ahle

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  • You know David I don’t know what we’re going to do is Americans I used to think just calling everybody out and exposing the lies would be enough but they don’t seem to care and I seem to have a lot of Media power to that everything look like their telling truth if we don’t find a way to start regaining our country back I’m really scared what’s going to happen it’s going to be a revolution in this country at this point I don’t know who would win I used to think about it say it well I have to be to conservative-minded people because I was built it peace with always push evil bag because there’s more good people in the world now I must say it seems like every time you don’t want to call you meet an evil person now speaking about the election it turned my stomach sick I mean to see our million have nearly 70 million votes can you watch some old man in the middle of the night just blow me away I’m telling you these Democrats are going to start gluten things get so bad that us conservatives are going to be called in a fight a evil ideology that has destroyed most of our young children men and ladies I just hope it starts before I children get old enough these poor children have no idea what they’re about the coat go into I mean it is Ashley we talk find a job now I mean I know that my sister that’s tough not only with the coronavirus and all the other things that are going person how to fix when it came to the economy it’s always been very difficult to find a jobm to have to think about what are kids are going to go have to go through anyway I’m going to let you know I’m a huge fan of yours Ilove the fact that you speak the truth and I can tell that you have a great heart the world needs more people like you again God bless you for everything I’ve been praying to God that he can give me the knowledge and the tools to spread the word the message that you have been saying and others like you again I just say God bless you and your family and I hope this would never happened I can almost Feel It In My Bones there are children are going to pay a terrible price for us sins thank you for the information and again I hope that one day that we can sit back and say we did something we didn’t let the world go upside down I have a lot of levels run the show anyway more sincerely Kevin M Edwards

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