Ilhan Omar is urging the Democrats to hand out stimulus checks every month until the economy never recovers.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons. First of all, she does not mean for this to be a short time program. This is to be permanent as guaranteed income.

The second problem is as the government doles out $200 billion a month in stimulus, the economy will never recover.

Consider the cost of free medical for illegal aliens, the cost of any part of the New Green Deal, and unlimited migration, and then tell me where you think the money for all of this will come from.

Now add the $2.4 trillion a year in guaranteed income and how does the country survive the crippling debt. The average person would have to pay 80% of their income in taxes. We will have to print money like water and inflation will soar.

Omar who belongs to The Squad is echoing the call by Ed Markley for the checks to continue to be sent out until three months after the pandemic ends. But the pandemic will never end. We could see lockdowns for years to come yet.

Of course, South Dakota did not lockdown and now their unemployment rate is lower today than when it was before the pandemic. The states with the most lockdowns actually have higher rates of the disease.

From Fox News

“As the country begins to look towards building to a better future, we need to provide those struggling and left behind with consistent reliable cash payments during this COVID-19 crisis,” Omar said in the letter, which was obtained by the Huffington Post. “We hope that you will consider recurring cash assistance when crafting your economic policy priorities moving forward.”

Omar added that the recurring cash payments should “continue until the economy recovers with equal payments to adults and dependents,” among other stipulations. The letter did not detail what her proposal would cost.

Progressives have singled out Biden’s call for $1,400 payments as a source of concern, arguing that the president had effectively reneged on a pledge for $2,000 checks if the Democrats won control of the Senate. Biden’s defenders have pointed out the fact the president would keep his pledge since the $1,400 checks would follow a previous $600 direct payment included in the most recent aid package approved last December.


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