Unless you are an illegal alien, you cannot expect to get anything you need from the Biden regime. The latest outrage is his order for ICE to release all of the illegal aliens from custody, even though 71.45% of them are convicted criminals and pose a threat if back on the street.

Biden has already stabbed trade unions, the Ute tribe, and New Mexico in the back. But at the same time, he is bending himself forward to support illegals.

Already the caravans from Central America have launched themselves towards the United States based on Joe Biden’s promise to reverse Trump’s policies on illegal immigration.

They see him as creating a welcoming committee as he neuters both ICE and the Border Patrol.

He is releasing criminal illegal aliens even though data shows that very few if any will show up for future court dates.

Tucker Carlson had the memo released to ICE that they should release all illegal aliens in custody regardless of what crimes they have been convicted of.

The official who sent out the memo said that he is only the messenger and had no part in the policy contained within.

Biden is shifting to the former policies of Barack Obama where released illegals convicted of serious crimes went on to commit additional offenses.

The email to ICE agents comes on the heels of Biden’s order not to deport a single illegal alien regardless of extenuating circumstances. Biden has also ordered that illegal aliens are to be counted in the census, thus taking representatives from some states and adding them to sanctuary communities.

From the Washington Examiner

Carlson says the official who sent the message notes that he was “just the messenger” and learned that the Department of Homeland Security is still working on how to implement Biden’s order, which does not call for the immediate release of detained migrants.

“So, what was this memo about?” Carlson asked. “Just the result of the complete chaos that resulted when the incoming administration, on its first day, changed a policy this big without explaining what it means.”

“Chaos is the predictable result,” he said. “We thought the last administration had a monopoly on that chaos. Apparently not.”


Steven Ahle

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  • Seriously!!! You cannot release call those ppl at the same time and all that have a criminal record need to be deported immediately, why can’t they see that? I live in Texas and it’s going to f*ck my state up!! The IH 35 corridor is about to have a major crime wave explosion. There will be Robberies, armed and otherwise, Rapes, Murders, Assaults, Kidnappings, and all in the name of BIDEN!! I feel that his “advisors” are making him do all this stuff so fast so they have more of a reason to get slow Joe out and the Hoe in. Making him look even more like the inept c*nt than he already does, if that’s even possible.

  • Then the next time, and every time after, an illegal immigrant commits a crime against an American citizen, that American citizen should sue the Biden administration! ????‍♀️

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