The House Ethics Committee has ruled that Rashida Tlaib violated campaign finance law by paying herself from campaign funds after she was elected to congress. But they declared that yes she took the money but she wasn’t trying to steal it, she thought she was entitled to it.

Can you imagine a courtroom over a hundred years ago> He stands up and says, “Yes, Frank and Jesse James did take that money from the train but they thought they were entitled to it?

Therefore, you cannot find them guilty. They will be allowed to repay the money over the next few robberies. She owes $10,8000 to her campaign.

They are giving Tlaib a year to repay the money back to her campaign. Other than repaying the money she took, she will receive no punishment. She gets to waltz home as free as a bird.

She is not eligible for payments from her campaign this year since she is already an employee of congress and she continues to get paid regardless of how much time she decides to take off for campaigning.

The committee said there is ample evidence that she received the money she is not entitled to but also ruled it wasn’t intentional and to use that as an excuse to let her walk.

The committee determined:

“determined that the evidence is sufficient to support a determination that a portion of the salary payments that Representative Tlaib received after the 2018 general election was inconsistent with the requirements outlined by [FECA] and its implementing regulations.”

“The Committee also recognizes, however, that Representative Tlaib’s violation of the applicable restrictions was one of bad timing and not ill intent. Representative Tlaib engaged in good faith efforts to comply with the relevant FECA requirements.”

As long as someone is a candidate they can pay themselves a salary which is less than they made the year before but once they win the election, they are no longer a candidate and cannot continue to pay him or herself.

She paid herself $2,000 every two weeks during the campaign which is below the amount she could draw. It’s a nice job if you can get it.

Steven Ahle

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  • Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I believe if she wasn’t a high profile Muslim she would be censured or face charges. Everyone is afraid of being called a racist so the guilty go free with no repercussions. Very disappointing and shows that the rich and powerful can get away with almost anything.

  • That just pisses me off! How about a bunch of people go rob her and a few banks, because they think they are entitled to it !