Recently, Joe Biden told an audience that Andrew Cuomo is the gold standard in dealing with Covid-19 despite the fact that 15,000 people died in nursing homes after his executive order directing Covid positive patients into nursing homes.

Reporters quizzed White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki (have you ever seen a worse spokeswoman than her?) if Biden still thinks Cuomo is the gold standard. She never answered. All talking points.

Actually, Cuomo might be better than Biden. After all, Cuomo did not lose 20 million doses of the vaccine.

However, New York State ended up throwing out tons of the vaccine because of the rules Cuomo laid down on who to vaccinate. If a hospital or a doctor administered the vaccine for someone not on the list he made up, they would be fined one million dollars per ineligible patient plus the loss of their medical licenses.

The New York Post’s editorial board writes:

“In a single day, Israel immunizes more people against COVID-19 than New York City has in total since receiving its first vaccine shipment on Dec. 14. The two have similar populations, but 1.6 million Israelis have gotten jabbed and just 168,000 Gothamites have.

The problem is less supply than stupidity: Gov. Cuomo’s complex rules on eligibility have left clinics tossing good vaccines rather than risk fines for administering it “out of order.” And the paperwork burden slows everything down, too.

It’s madness. To reach herd immunity — and get our lives and jobs back — we need to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible. Quit the micromanaging over exactly who gets it when and focus on getting it done.”

From The Washington Times

Federal investigators are looking into the Cuomo administration’s data on nursing-home deaths. Last month, New York Attorney General issued a report that found the state underreported the figure by as much as 50%.

The governor was accused last week of a cover-up after a top aide told state Democrats on a private call that the administration initially withheld nursing-home data to avoid the political repercussions.
Mr. Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing, blaming partisan politics, even as the Democratic legislature’s left wing joined Republicans seeking to strip Mr. Cuomo of his emergency pandemic powers. GOP legislators called last week for the formation of an Impeachment Commission.

But if you think Joe Biden won’t make sure federal investigators cover up for Cuomo then you need to think whether o0r not attending high school for seven years was really worth it.


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