Maya Echols, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, threatened that cities will be “on fire” if Derek Chauvin is not convicted. So, why are you having a trial if he is already guilty? Oh, yes. The constitution. It will all come down to the facts in the case.

Did he die from a knee to the neck or an overdose of drugs? I don’t have a clue. I prefer to allow both sides to present their case and allow the jury and to let the jury decide.

However, Echols’ remarks are a horse of another color. I do believe he should be thrown in jail for making a terroristic threat and jury intimidation.

Chauvin is a former Minneapolis police officer who is accused of the death of George Floyd. He is standing trial to see if he committed the murder or whether drugs played a major role in his demise.

Floyd’s death is the excuse Black Lives matter uses for looting and burning buildings.

If he is responsible, lock him up! If he isn’t, set him free. But let’s make that decision based on facts and not on threats.

Another factor is that at the time of Floyd’s death, the knee to the throat was approved as a method of restraint. If so, someone above Chauvin could be held responsible for the death of George Floyd, right?

From Breitbart News

Which means there is simply no question that if Chauvin is acquitted — as I pointed out last week — that what Echols is threatening will indeed happen. Worse still, the left’s second round of mayhem and death will likely dwarf the original campaign of domestic terror launched by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The good news is that if there is a second wave of domestic terror, it will, just like the first one, occur exclusively in shithole cities full of Democrats and run by Democrats.

Sorry not sorry, but it is only Democrat-run shitholes that are plagued by riots and hate crimes and gun violence and pollution. In fact, it was in the Democrat-run shithole of Minneapolis where Chauvin was filmed kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes.


Steven Ahle

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  • I have notified the office of Ga. governor Brian Kemp about this because this is a threat to all major cities. The gentleman I spoke to said he will pass the information along to the GA GBI.

  • you are an idiot there are many other factors not the least of which is there were 2 other officers holding down the drugged taking perp . The officer in the middle compressing the chest of the drug addled useless street thug convicted of armed robbery, was a black officer. That is a fact. So state what really happened not just part.

  • Making threats that your going to cause domestic terrorists acts if the verdict isn’t to your liking is WRONG! If that does sadly happen you should all be charged with domestic terrorism because that is exactly what it is. Why don’t you try and be responsible citizens instead destroying property and hurting people isn’t solving anything just makes you look bad.

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