President Trump announced that a judge in Nevada has ordered an inspection of the voting machines they bought from Dominion Voting Systems.

They need to have two kinds of people there. They need experts in the field of elections and they need to bring in hackers and see if they can manipulate the vote counts.

States have been in a hurry to erase this year’s election so that it cannot be investigated. Hopefully the election officials do not erase the machines before they can be tested. It appears that the inspection will involve the plaintiffs in the case. It should be so. Otherwise people who investigate themselves alweays declare they are innocent.

The important thing is if they find something damaging to the proper counting of votes, it throws the other 27 states that use Dominion voting machines into question as well.

“BREAKING: @SidneyPowell1, when questioned by @seanhannity about whether anyone has had the opportunity to forensically examine these [Dominion] machines, “My co-counsel from the Flynn case, @jbinnall JUST WON a discovery order from the court in Nevada. He has done a great job out”

Powell said:

“My co-counsel from the Flynn case, Jesse Binnall in fact got a discovery order from the court today in Nevada. He’s been doing a great job out there trying to get more information and got the discovery order entered today. So they’re, will be collecting a lot more evidence from Nevada where there was massive corruption.”

Victor [email protected]
·.@realDonaldTrump‘s campaign tells me they’ve been trying to serve Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria with a subpoena since Wednesday. County workers locked the building to keep them out and then Gloria hid in his house all weekend. What are Gloria and Clark County hiding?

There have been many questions raised by Dominion especially those that were connected to the internet. It has been said that anyone with authorization can manipulate the vote count. This will be a good test if done correctly. This could be a game changer, depending on what they find.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • EVERYONE needs to seriously……..locate a telephone number and we need to each contact NBC, CBS, ABC, WP, NYT, CNN, YouTUBE, Twitter, FACEBOOK….and TELL THEM YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH…..of their BIASES…..and their lies and their unfair, half truths to NO TRUTHS, so called shows and news, and you are tired of hearing from UNCONFIRMED SOURCES/always UNNAMED, OPINIONS because we can FORM OUR OWN, and to stop the constant ramming of YOUR NETWORKS or MSMs messaging of what you each repeat almost verbatim! We expect more respect to be given to the President of the United States of America! We are tired of him being attacked falsely as in the RUSSINA HOAX that was very UNTRUE and never called for and never followed up…..A FAKED IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS CAN CHARGES! We are tired of being threatened by Democrats, AOC requests contacts of Trump supporters etc…. M. Waters tell them to leave we don’t want you here….and Talibs we going to impeach the MF’r…..and Pelosi/Schiff/Schumer constant immaturity on full display for the world to see, P-tearing up the President State Address, S-lying rendition about the Ukraine call, and S-we are going to change the world, and we are going to take back the Senate and we are going to change America, and his lies as well against our President and so much more by all Democrat leaders actually.

    60 Minutes Sunday, Nov. 30, 2020, was horrendous. The interview with former Christopher Krebs, director of U.S. cyber agency ….Scott Pelley and or the network, should have had Sidney Powell and L. Linwood on…the first words spoken by Scott Pelley, proved the biases from the beginning of the interview…as it was a negative comment toward Republicans and our President Trump, he began with, “hold up in the WH, tweeting false accusations of a rigged election from behind a crumbling wall of law suits, no legal challenge, no recount, no audit has changed the outcome in any state. This official has denied all allegations made by Pres Trump.

    Where was the rebuttal…? MISLEADING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT TRUST YOU TO BE TELLING THEM THE TRUTH!!! WHY didn’t you try to obtain IN PERSON respones with Atty. Rudy Giuliana and or Sidney Powell or others? You did NOT give fair and valuable time to allow Atty, Giuliana or Atty. Sidney Powell along with sworn testimonies to provide rebuttals, and what about the 75 million people that voted for Pres Trump and other Republican party electors….. GUESS we are all just duped eh? NO SIR, WE SEE constantly the narrated view points being shared across our mainstream media….and it is concerning and scary!! You ALL NEED TO BE BROKEN UP, NOT JUST BIG TECHs and YOU ALL NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!

    It is a travesty all right, the intimidation by Democrats toward Republicans and seemingly professional agitators and one was assaulted and injured badly enough was hospitalized. Many could not have their testimony sword in because of fear they would loose their jobs, and or be attacked in some way. WHERE IS THERE VOICE……you are talking about well over half the country at this point!! People that are tuning you out……only enough to follow your lies, and see even more what is going on, and also still being able to retain the logic….this is NOT RIGHT and it is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL what is happening to our beloved HOMELAND….our Republic…..!!

    We can not in good conscience allow this to stand….UNDER GOD and will take every and encourage every legal action available to us under our State and US Constitution!! God, thank you for our Blessed Homeland, help us keep it, as your divine intervention within our US CONSTITUTION and forefathers placed in our hands to continue at this time in history!!

  • It’s about time❗❗❗I believed my ballot was rigged. I wasn’t able to vote for my Republican Senate candidates, my ballot only listed the Democrats, except for the Presidential candidates. So therefore my ballot only shows that I voted for President Trump, an one Democrat senator that I voted by mistake. The machine didn’t allow me to delete that mistake.
    I tried to get help from the Polling place volunteers, but no one came to helped me. They were all too busy watching the monitors cheering on for Biden’s.
    It took me 30 minutes to try to figure out how to delete the Democrat Candidate to no avail. The machine seemed to be rigged in favor for the Democrats.
    I was so disgusted & disappointed, so I cast my ballot that shows I voted for President Trump, & that one mistake that I voted for a Democrat which I couldn’t delete.
    Overall, as I’ve said nothing for Republican Senate were listed on my ballot in the machine❗❗

  • If Trump is truly for the people then when he returns to office he will have all those treasonous basterds arrested and hung

    • Oh Trump ALREADY has had many put in Gitmo. He has put many in PRISON behind the scenes from around the world over 6,000 so far has been tried convicted and sentenced in a tribunal council. He also expressed that he wants to see Hilary kkk Clinton hung PUBLICLY. Trump has also had old Bush Sr. executed as well as John McCain . Look it up they were executed for treasonous acts and crimes against humanity as well as assassination. When Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA Trump uncovered that he is the one who ordered the assassination on JFK. Trump has dug up way more that he even dreamed of and has been DESTROYING the pedophilia ring that runs around this sick world . Trump hasn’t stopped since he’s been in office on day one. And like he said we don’t have a clue , we don’t have a blue’s of all he has had to work on behind the scenes because of how dangerous it is and it runs way deeper than he could even comprehend so he had to start taking the dangerous people out first like king pens murderers assassin’s etc… And all those who sold much of America off to the highest bidder like Beijing Biden’s KKK Clintons obamanation Berry Sorrento Nasty Nancy POLLUTION Shifty Schiff and practically everyone in the demonic demonrats and lunatic libtard party and I can go on and on . That is why they came after him so hard and won’t let up because he is making sure they all pay for the crimes they’ve committed to humanity and against America.

  • The Fraud needs to be exposed ! Everyone I know voted for you! I have patients that I speak to daily can’t believe you lost but they watch the false news! The evidence is overwhelming

  • Every agency of the United States government should be investigating these aligations on the reported voter and election fraud no matter What party affiliate you are from!! We all are citizens of the United States and our election process no longer us legitimate!! It is corrupt and just remember just because your candidate was on the alleged winning side it may be your candidate the next election and there won’t be a gh I ng you can do about it beyou didn’t stand up for your rights this time!! 2020

  • Barr is saying nothing is founded against the election. Where has he been , I’ve heard of plenty! Is he even on our side ??

    • I wondered that too!! I voted straight Republican! I will never vote Democrat again! I don’t understand why the machines can’t be confiscated right now, before they wipe them clean?! We know Trump won! Why won’t they do something to make this right. If they don’t, our democracy is in the toilet, and we will NEVER trust another election..or Democrat again! I’M SICK ABOUT HOW EVIL THE LEFT IS..AND IT’S SCARY!

  • One day in the not too distant future, if we live through this COVID-19 pandemic, we might be saying: “Remember 2020? Those were the good old days”……

  • Expecting a miracle! I believe God wins in the end. No I don’t worship Potus or call Him god. But Our Lord is a righteous God and His Holy Word says if We Repent of our sins and turn from our wicked ways& seek His face and pray; Then will We Hear from Heaven and God will heal our land. Standing on the promises of God. He is faithful to keep that which he’s committed!

  • Praise God ! Lord you alone know all that people try to hide and the lying , devious ways
    That people will resort to when they want their own way. Lord I ask in the mighty name of your son Jesus that you put an end to Joe Biden and all his lies and cheating. Thank you for your blessings Father God. May your will be done. Amen

  • Praise the Lord’ I pray President Trump proves they cheated ”’ Obama needs to be held for treason ‘because God knows Obama behind all of it

  • YES!!!!! It’s about time!!! We can NOT EVER let this happen again!! Whoever did this NASTY needs to face CRIMINAL CHARGES and spent the rest of their SICK DISGUSTING FILTHY LIFE IN JAIL….EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED…DID YOU HEAR THAT PELOSI SCHUMER SOROS CLINTONS AND ALL OF YOU RATS?!

  • These recounts are futile. What needs to happen is another election. There should be equal representatives of each party confirming the votes are legal. No ballots sent out that are not requested properly. Valid IDs at every polling station. No ballot harvesting. Ballots should be returned only to valid polling station address. No votes accepted past the date of the election. The people who run elections should already know how to do this the legal way. Anyone who cheats should be charged with a Federal crime and given mandatory prison time.

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