Prager U Sues YouTube and Google For Illegal Censorship

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Dennis Prager and his Prager U are suing YouTube and it’s parent company Google for censoring their videos because of their political leanings and not because of violating their content rules. Prager U filed the lawsuit on Monday because YouTube was blocking their fans from seeing their content, costing them valuable ad revenue money.

Dennis Prager said:

“Watch any one of our videos and you’ll immediately realize that Google/YouTube censorship is entirely ideologically driven.” 

“For the record, our videos are presented by some of the finest minds in the Western world, including four Pulitzer Prize winners, former prime ministers, and professors from the most prestigious universities in America.”

From The Hill

The lawsuit claims that Google and YouTube had told PragerU that the restricted videos were found by content reviewers to be “inappropriate” for young audiences.

The conservative site denied that the videos were improper or violated any of YouTube’s policies, and said in the filing that the explanation is “an obvious pretext to justify illegally discriminating against PragerU because of its conservative political perspective and identity.”

PragerU launched a petition demanding that YouTube remove the more than 30 videos from the restricted setting.

The list includes provocative titles like “The most important question about abortion,” “Where are the moderate Muslims?” and “Is Islam a religion of peace?”

The lawsuit claims that the terms of service are vague and allow YouTube and Google to censor material based solely on their ideological leanings. Many, including myself has called for making Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube public utilities so that they cannot discriminate against conservatives and conservative view points. Remember, all of them grew to astronomical size using conservatives to gain members and to grow their advertising revenue. Now, they believe (correctly so) that the can do without the conservative’s content  Conservatives invested time and money in building up their presence on these sites and now the liberals are trying to cause them to lose everything they have worked for.

When is some smart conservative lawyer going to file a class action suit against these sites?


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