I can think of only one thing dumber than sending someone unarmed to apprehend someone or someones with a gun. And that would be anyone willing to take a job confronting armed criminals with nothing but a pack of Juicy Fruit gum in your pocket.

“Stop, in the name of the law or I’ll chew.”

You don’t have to be a fool to think this has even a remote chance of working, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

In Portland where you have antifa being violent against armed policemen, just imagine what they would do to one of these paper tigers. And just how many unarmed park rangers would need to die before they send for the real police?

The six million dollar plan would be financed by the elimination of police officers. But, who would apply for such a job? Well, it would be one way to empty out the insane asylums.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports:

Portland City Council approved a $6 million proposal Wednesday to try to slow a sharp increase in gun violence that has the city on pace to shatter the previous one-year homicide record set over three decades ago.

The last-minute agreement is a compromise between the mayor and the council’s three newest commissioners, who pushed the mayor to find an answer to the skyrocketing number of shootings that didn’t include earmarking new funds for the police bureau.

The three commissioners got much of what they asked for. The proposal puts no new money toward the police bureau. Instead, $1.4 million will be funneled to the city’s Parks & Recreation bureau to hire park rangers, who would patrol the city’s parks and neighborhoods through the end of the year.

Another $4.1 million would go to grants for nonprofits working with the city’s Office of Violence Prevention to reduce gun violence.

All five council members enthusiastically endorsed the proposal. The most notable endorsement came from Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, one of the biggest critics of the Gun Violence Reduction Team who led the charge last summer to disband that unit.

How long will it take before people flee from Portland to a nice safe Republican city?


Steven Ahle

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  • It’s all part of the liberals’ eugenics agenda. They want to reduce the world population by eliminating the poor – especially minorities. The only people who would apply are the most absolutely desperate for work. Also, those who somehow manage to stumble through life without active brain cells… at which point Darwinism takes effect.

  • Any unarmed person stupid enough to approach an armed suspect deserves whatever trauma they are dished.

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