I wonder why Portland police even bother arresting rioters. The Portland DA Mike Schmidt only prosecutes a small number of cases, dropping the vast majority of them.

Just the other night, 100 rioters were detained but only 13 were actually arrested.

It was another night of rioting and burning like just about any night in Portland over the past five months. They had an impressive string of over 1000 straight nights of riots.

Portland police report a group of people began marching in the street and blocking traffic at about 9 p.m. on Friday.

The police ordered the rioters to remove themselves from the streets but were ignored because there are no consequences in Portland for disobeying police, and they began marching down the middle of the street.

Fifteen minutes later, the mob got violent and began to burn down businesses across town.

Journalist Suzette Smith tweeted a photo showing a police officer taking her picture after duct-taping her name and date of birth on her chest.

From Breitbart News

During the process, police took 13 people into custody. After releasing the other protesters, police searched the area and found vandalism tools and weapons that had been discarded by the protesters. Those included a crowbar, hammers, bear spray, slugging weapons, a high-impact slingshot, and knives.

Groups of released protesters gathered outside the “kettle” perimeter and began throwing rocks and full cans of beer at officers, officials stated. Officers arrested some of the crowd including two people carrying firearms and wearing body armor and helmets.

The Portland Police Bureau press release lists the names and alleged crimes of the 13 people they arrested.


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  • This will continue until these people are held accountable. Conservatives need an attorney to sue for discriminating against them why one group have federal charges against them and another group are released with prejudiced. While the group released with prejudiced are the ones found with weapons damaging federal property.

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