Isn’t it ironic? The same antifa that is calling for the elimination of the police called out for the police after one of them was stabbed by a woman they were harassing as she was trying to get away up the street.

In the video, you can see that the woman is scared and as they closed in on her, she pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them. This happened in Portland on Monday.

This is what happens when your mayor and chief of police surrender the entire city to domestic terrorists.

Violence has been the order of the day for over 60 days now. It is a daily occurrence that you just don’t find in cities that don’t have Democrats as mayor.

The rioters are only partially to blame for what has happened in that city. When you show them they can get away with anything, then they are willing to do everything.


The woman who was stabbed tweeted from the hospital, revealing that she believes in violence by saying, “THIS IS NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST REVOLUTIONS ARE INHERENTLY VIOLENT.” That about sums up what antifa terrorists think of law abiding citizens.

But as the saying goes, he who lives by the sword will get stabbed in the chest by your intended victim.

The antifa geniuses successfully made it virtually impossible for the police to arrest the woman who stabbed the antifa woman.

When the police showed up, they began harassing them and they stole the knife the police needed for evidence. Returning it now is worthless because the chain of custody has been broken.

The woman who stabbed the antifa member originally left the park but came back later and was interviewed by the police.

From The Gateway Pundit

The press release states that “during the initial response, officers encountered a hostile crowd and additional police resources were summoned to try to conduct an investigation.

Officers initially located the knife used in the stabbing, however as the officers were trying to secure a crime scene someone picked it up and ran off with it.

Officers were unable to safely conduct an investigation due to the hostile crowd, and supervisors made the decision to disengage. As the knife is evidence, it should be returned to police custody.”


Steven Ahle

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