The Trump Effect is still going strong. Those who voted for his impeachment could all be gone from congress next year except for Senators who are not up for reelection yet.

In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski is already 15 points behind her opponent Kelly Tshibaka.  But, if I know Murkowski she will flip flop on her vote in order to save her worthless hide. She could blame on a change of medication or the heartbreak of psoriasis, but she will flip.

Tshibaka, a former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner, leads Murkowski by roughly 15 points, or 33.6 points, to Murkowski’s 18.8 percent. Democrat Al Gross is at 17.6% and  Alaska Independence Party John Howe clocks in at 5,7%, The other 21 plus % are undecided.

Murkowski should consider becoming an ice road trucker if she wishes to remain in the spotlight. I would consider this a pick-up for Republicans as well as the other seats occupied by the traitors.

The survey, conducted by Cygnal, found that Murkowski has been in a death spiral ever since she voted to impeach President Trump. I won’t miss her or any of the other squishy Republicans who lose their seats over their vote. But, we need to replace them with real conservatives. It seems likely that in the 2022 midterm elections President Trump0 will be a king and queen maker. It sets him up nicely for 2024.

The truth is Alaskans have always hated votes that Murkowski has made that is against their principals including amnesty.

Brock McCleary, the vice president of Cygnal, wrote:

“Lisa Murkowski is in as weak of a position as an incumbent could possibly find themselves in. A strong Republican candidate is poised to defeat Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka is that candidate.”

Tshibaka said:

“She’s been voting with them, hurting our way of life, and she’s not standing up to the radical Biden administration while they kill our oil and gas jobs. She’s voted to allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. Even if they commit crime, they can stay here.”

“She was the deciding vote to keep Obamacare, and that means higher health care costs and fewer healthcare choices for us in Alaska. We have some of the highest health care costs in the country.”


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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