Antifa has issued an ultimatum to President Trump. Either he concedes the race by Sunday at noon or they will block traffic in conservative areas. That reminds me of what a great man once said, “What a bunch of morons.” Either they are suffering from Joe Biden disease or they are having delusions of grandeur. Do they really think they scare Trump?

In a perfect world, Antifa will block a federal highway and Trump can send in the Marines to clear the garbage. It would be interesting to see what Antifa could do with people other than old ladies and small children. My guess is they would not fare so well. And ganging up like they do in Seattle and portland would not see them do any better because the Marines are a team.

If Joe Biden is elected, he will have to deal with these clowns. My guess is that he will do nothing or next to nothing. We’ll have to see how President Harris or President AOC handles them. On the other hand, if Trump is reelected and never has to worry about running for reelection, he may take a much different stance. That would be fun to see.

From The Gateway Pundit

#WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, one of America’s bravest patriots, shared a screenshot this morning from “Antifa [idea] leader” Adam Rahuba, of Pittsburgh, PA, warning President Trump and his supporters that if he doesn’t concede and turn the keys over to the far-left, radical regime of puppet Joe Biden, there will be blood in the streets of the suburbs in America.

The tweet reads: Attn: @realDonaldTrump

If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas.

Your supporters will not be able to go to work or go to the grocery store to feed their families.

We are armed and will retaliate to attempts of vehicular homicide.

Here are a few tweets by Adam Rahuba, whose Twitter account has now been suspended. His tweets include comments about “targeting conservative politicians” and how he’s begun “operations directly against MAGA voters.” Hmmm….wonder what that means?


Steven Ahle

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  • These people What do they actually want are they paid by George Sorrows and killary Clinton or there foundation and maybe all of the above.I think they no who won the Election or they would not push this agenda on the patriots I also think they are biting off more than they can chew. This is my take on the situation Dear President Donald Trump I am speaking for a lot of supporters Dont ever Concede and we pray that u win this election through ballot or supreme court WWG1WGA WE NEED Q

  • I wish they would get in front of me. I promise before the Lord Jesus I will run them over and will not think twice. If Americans do not stand up for what we believe in this place will go to hell. I’m ready for a civil war

  • WE ALL NO THE DEMON KRATS HAS A COLLAR AROUND antifa NECK THEY WONT DO NOTHING with out Clinton of Sorrows permission Wen they show there ugly head let uncle SAM HAVE THEM WWG1WGALL

  • How is he free and not in jail? He should be jailed for his threats against Our President Donald J Trump and MAGA supports!
    The poor guy in Texas who said De Blasio is a moron, had cops at his door in the middle of the night and detectives from NY calling him asking him all kinds of questions. How is this happening in our beloved Country!

    Too all you Antifa, if you don’t like America go somewhere else! We are Proud MAGA deplorables, “Go Ahead Make My Day!”

  • GOOD LUCK BOYZ!!!!!!!!!

    You’re only ‘big and tough’ when your people surround one of the good guys and then sucker-punch him.

    YOUR GUY gets whacked by Mr Rittenhouse after YOUR GUY pulls a gun. Rittenhouse’s indictment was strickly a sham to appease your people. Of course another instance when YOUR PEOPLE in mass start to attack a single person

    Based on the video I saw there is NO WAY he’ll be convicted.

    I know the Rules of Engagement for those of us in White Hats —– there are no rules.

  • he is a joke, these people start blocking highways they may find truckers making a run that won’t stop. squished commies everywhere lol

    • Apparently another example of a republican that can’t read. He said, that he, and they, will shoot any homicidal moron in the head that attempts to run protesters over. You do understand, that conservatives aren’t the only Americans to own guns, right?

      • The difference is the left may have guns, but patriotic republicans know how to SHOOT the guns they own. Come get some! Hope you enjoyed your last birthday…😈

      • So now blocking roads with the declared intent of stopping people getting to work and feeding their families is “protesting”?
        No, it’s not, it’s flat-out terrorism and you’re backing it.

      • Having a gun dose not mean you can use it Efficiently most of us MAGA supporters do a moving target is much harder to hit oh and there is a lot more of us. We may not star T it but we will be happy to end it…

      • You just made that shit up yourself,fool. He didn’t say fuckall about where you would shoot them, just that you would. Do you think for a minute the outskirts of Pittsburg is anything like the city wusses you think exist everywhere? What a fucking dope. Frozen rose. Faggot. Soiboi. Soi grrl. Lesbian fuck. Pig. Bring it.

    • When a few get run over, they will start running. I also get the impression that when people are literally trying to terrorize a place like Florida, Texas, or South Dakota, they might get National Guard or police on them.

  • You litl’ Smurph!!! You don’t rank here, what’s your gain in the U. S becoming Communist ??? Biden & Kamala going to house n take care if you ,?! Our Police will be back in Full strength… In a very short time. Pres .
    Trump will Never Concede !!!

  • You and your Antifa outfit are nothing but America’s Terrorists. You should be ASHAMED, your all anti-American. To terrorize, harm, & kill innocent people because they don’t think like you is beyond ignorant.
    Who’s paying you? Harris/Biden Administration & George Soros I bet. Why don’t you all take your Commie asses & move to Venezuela where you belong.

  • Fuck Antifa. They will attempt to block roads? Lol. That will be suicide on the part of Antifa. The left is scared right now because so many are going to prison for their role in election fraud, treason, etc. They’re desperate and this just proves it.

  • We are waiting for you to. So sick of all your bull shit.get a job do something good for a change.what I really want to say I can’t but you can read between theines.

  • Bring it on, loser! You’ll be shocked how outmanned and outgunned you will be. Just stay home and watch cartoons as you usually do. You and your group are nothing but a nuisance. Ooooo… blocking traffic. What a real man! We’re so scared. You’re a waste of the air us humans breathe. A piece of him stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

  • No, this dude is a troll. He intentionally posts stuff like this to get conservatives angry and to show up to counter him at a non existent event, to try to make conservatives look bad when they show up and no one is there. Stars and Stripes did an article about him and his BS. He’s posted several things before the election similar to this, threatening force against the Right if things didn’t go the way ANTIFA wanted it to go.

  • Tired of this …go get a real job and do something with your life…start adding to peoples lives…start giving something instead of destroying everything you touch. Your beliefs are not reality as much as you try to force them to be…ask yourself…are you happy? You only get one life. One chance. Is this all that you are as a person? There will be no more backing down. America has never negotiated with terrorists. I dont see that anything has changed.

    • They can’t get a job. True they are totally inexperienced and they might be on drugs but their father isn’t vice president.

  • What will be the situation of America if each one threatens the President? It should be stopped as first priority. Act now.

  • We can let you know if you try to block the roads in conservative areas we will all mow you down with out mercy and with out apology until every mother son of you is street pizza

  • If Antifa plans to block roads in conservative areas, they’d better be prepared to be plowed over and through and under. Also, they’d best be prepared to be bulldozed and steamrolled, because “the conservatives” are returning to work and will be taking care of business!

  • “It would be interesting to see what Antifa could do with people other than old ladies and small children. ” Interesting statement.
    I say, “Don’t underestimate the old ladies and their children!”

  • I have yet to see any of them in the deep south or in ANY 2nd Amendment City, but they’ll be armed. Right… well Bubba we are too, we start training at 6 and we never miss.

  • so the two ‘polls/votes’ about does Trump deserve 4 more years and was the election rigged…..the results of those should be enough for people to realize that YES there was voter fraud and Trump should NOT concede

  • I am pretty sure that this group can now be legally classified as aterrorist and should be treated as so. Grantonimo bay hasn’t been used for a while put them there.

  • But can you shoot a fly off a cows nose at 800 feet? Being armed and knowing your weapons intimately are two different ballgames, and for some reason I don’t see you soyboy Marxists knowing very much at all.

  • To the people of pittsburgh. Us constitutionalists are better armed and are on stand by. If the communists cause problems, we’ll solve said problems.

    • that what you guys on the radical left always say when your far left radical non sense is brought to the attention of the American public

  • “Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harris, the Entire Democrate Party, All Mayors and Governors of Sanctuary cities, etc need to be arrested along with Antifa and Black Lives Matter and held accountable for their actions! We WILL NOT BE BULLIED!”

  • and we are ready to deal with what ever non sense you are willing to try and impose on us red blooded American citizens #antifaareterrorist

  • If this is a real comment made towards the President, I am sure the Secret Service would be picking him up for threatening the President of the United States.

  • Only a coward would think that a gun is a solution to this situation when Constitution early he doesn’t have to concede at all. That is a coward that decides you are armed. He doesn’t have to concede he can walk out and seating nothing and still he will still win

  • Antifa are such cowards! Go after peaceful people that are not carrying weapons, while they are weaponized and hiding their faces🙄

  • Now I see why he wears a mask. Just a pussy! He doesn’t want to go there. I don’t think the outcome will be what he is used to. Patriots are everywhere.

  • Dude, I am 68 years old and have severe cold. Just try to threaten me with a gun and I will get out my wooden spoon and beat your stupid ass. I am so sick of you and your stupid bs. Grow up, get a job and start acting like a human being. I have seen nasty 3 year olds who act better than you. Were you raised in a cage? You have no respect for life, people or property. You have severe mental problems.

  • “Adam Rahuba – Antifa Leader (Official)”? What a load of crap. If you’re going to threaten Americans with violence and possible death, yet still have to identify your organization and your place in the hierarchy, you reek with insecurity (your mom always liked your sister better ‘n you, didn’t she?) and your toothless “Threats” are meaningless. Stick to your “Safe Zones”. You’ll live longer that way. Oh, and when your “Lieutenants” discover that megaphones mark ideal targets for elimination, they’ll start refusing to carry them. I strongly suggest you stay within the political system. To do otherwise is to invite the demise. Remember, there are 28 million veterans in the United States. 14 million of them are ready to go into combat tomorrow.

  • 3.5 million Veterans and 14 million hunters say we are ready, willing and able to destroy Antifa right down to the last one standing or running away. Hunters and Veterans can spend hours after hours just waiting for the fun to start and unlike us you can not hide your looks from us. You all stand out like a huge buck among fawns. Keep up your threats and you will see a war you honestly will not survive. I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that but unlike your group we are trained, armed and have millions of rounds of ammo.

  • I am in disbelief too. If I were to say some crap like that they would throw me under the jail. Why is everything happening the way it is and everyone getting away with murder and threats? Makes no sense. Corruption is everywhere. Please stop this shit someone with some balls.

  • Straight up bullshit. Throw his ass in jail and any other ciminal. Lets have some balls. If I where too say some shit like that I would be thrown under the jail. I have a feeling someone is about to blow some shit up. Fuck antifa and blm. Criminals!!!!!!!!

  • Do they think that an unleashed (because he won the election) won’t send in the “troops” to quell and (hopefully ) arrest those who choose to disrupt the lives of law abiding citizens.

    Time to get Gitmo opened and operating, waiting for their first residents. I would suggest bread and water for at least the first month or two of incarceration.

  • A message to the more “Energetically Activist” amongst you. (Especially politicians who wish to disarm the normally law abiding citizenry.) We geezers don’t go out of our way looking for trouble. Please, don’t go out of your way bringing it to us. At our present age, and in the current political climate, we’re beginning to notice the need to carry again. Not that all of us ever had a CCW, just a need. Recognizing that need kept us alive more than once. We don’t intend to end up like ”Shorty”, who was beaten to death by young punks, or shot to death in a “Gun Free” shooting gallery like a movie theater, church, etc, let alone wounded like a member of congress, etc. on a ball field, or attacked by some group who is “Protesting” like Antifa, or BLM. Nor do we intend to just roll over and urinate skyward just because some idiot wants what is not theirs, or is playing a ”Game”. Oh, don’t get us wrong, we’ve stared down the wrong end of a gun more than once, but our wits and forethought saved us and, on more than one occasion, those we were with as well. We’ve also had to display occasionally to nip a potentially deadly escalation of a serious situation by some fool bent on mayhem in the bud, but not haphazardly, nor indiscreetly. Beware the bearded, white haired old men with a confident step and smile. We may have a “Hidden” reason. Consider this your “Fair Warning”.
    [Addendum: At our age a “Life Sentence” isn’t much of a deterrent – “Fearless Leader”, nope, not much of one at all. By the bye, those lieutenants you hand megaphones to are going to start realizing they make great “Priority Target” markers and may start realizing why you’re not “Leading Up Front” instead of from behind. Then is when they’re going to turn on you.]

  • Have you ever noticed that butheads that are Antifa ONLY go to Democrap ran cities????
    I live in Mississippi down by the Gulf and I can gaurantee you that Antifa will NEVER show their stinkin miserible butts down here and attempt to threaten anybody. That is because Mississippi has the Castle Docterine and if a mob of Antifa came at me I would be in fear of my life and I would just have to blow their dumb asses away and I would probly get a write up in the local paper for it….
    So come on down Antifa; I need the publicity……

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