Whistleblower Philip Haney’s Close Friend: “He Warned Something Could Happen to Him… It Will Be Falsely Called a Suicide”

The body of Philip Haney was found with a gunshot wound in it — and he was dead. A gun was found at the scene, and local police say it is an apparent suicide.

Philip Haney was the whistleblower against Barack Obama who said he was assigned the task of wiping out records of the Muslims Obama was planting within the government.

Haney had worked for the DHS under Obama, and he deeply disapproved of the way Obama failed to deal with radical Islam, to the point where you could no longer even say the word.

His suicide is a little strange, considering the fact he was about to be married within a month. And not everyone is convinced that it was a suicide.

Jan Markell, a radio host, author and  close friend of Haney tells about the last time he saw Haney:

Jan Markell: My friend Phil Haney was found shot yesterday in CA. I had lunch with him a month ago. He warned something could happen to him. He was to get married in a month. It will be falsely called a suicide.


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  2. David- WE heard about this but it was to late to do anything.
    The claim is legit. Obama was placing muslims in the gov’t. as part of the OWO agenda. WE knew.
    If Obama is not brought before the law by July 2020 WE are going to send him back to GOD.
    Durham & Barr are good men but they are not expedient. SEMPER FI

  3. I absolutely believe this was NOT a suicide and this man knew this was more than likely going to happen to him because of the track record of whistleblowers, witnesses or anyone else who was going to, or told the truth about the Obama Administration and the Clintons. Satan and his demons have raised the stakes- activating those whom they control fully in the deep state to perform deeds of pure evil. God is exposing the corruption and evil that has grasped America for almost a century – bringing to the light what they have done in the dark as His word says. He is using President Trump as His warrior in the front line to exposed these evil people, and this is not over. We are in a war- a spiritual war between good and evil and anyone who tries to publicly expose these folks instantly become a target for removal. Stay prayed up, God is in control folks. Stay on target David..I watch you often- don’t let up what you do. Keep being that thorn.

  4. Haney was a very smart man, Surely he left hard proof of his claims, somebody has to bring it forward at some point, I pray the proof comes to the surface and I also pray there will be justice for his murder, we lost a good man and it’s a shame he couldn’t expose the truth!


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