The press gushed over the fact that Pete Buttigieg rode his bike to a cabinet meeting at the White House. But, what they didn’t know or tried to cover up is that Buttigieg rode almost all the way there before pulling his bike out of the gas-guzzling SUV and riding the last few blocks to the meeting and it was all caught on video.

Is there anything in the Democratic party that is really besides their socialism or their disdain for the great unwashed?

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was seen riding a bike with multiple SUVs trailing close behind as he headed to the White House for a cabinet meeting. But the subterfuge was an effort to get a photo op that would show him as being concerned about the environment.

Liberals are big on talking but doing? Not so much. The video that follows will reveal what a phony Buttigieg really is.

Buttigieg who has been one of the point men in Biden’s ill-fated green energy push fits in perfectly with Biden. He is a fake too. Biden and Buttigieg are the very definitions of buyer’s remorse.

Even the most whacked-out environmentalists can agree on one thing. And that is Biden’s version of the green new deal is as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull and many times more expensive.

From The Blaze

“Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg biked to the White House for today’s Cabinet Meeting, it would appear,” wrote Judd, who covered Buttigieg in Iowa and Georgia during the 2020 Democratic primary, in a caption for the video.

A longer version of the video posted by WFMZ-TV clearly shows security personnel unloading the bike off a bike rack situated on the back of the SUV. After that, the former Democratic presidential candidate mounts the bike and appears to wait until several security agents’ SUVs are ready to escort him. Then he takes off with the vehicles following closely behind.

Buttigieg’s clothing appeared to match what he was seen wearing at the White House meeting, according to a photo posted on President Joe Biden’s Twitter account on Thursday.


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