In Pennsylvania, we find another example of voter fraud as the state is forced to throw out 372,000 duplicate mail-in ballot requests. The duplications are being blamed on a confusing system for requesting ballots but could also be an attempt at voter fraud. How many duplicates were missed?

The explanation being given is that people were unaware that if they checked a box on their primary ballot, they would automatically get a general election ballot sent to them. But I wonder how that is possible since people would have had to consciously checked the box and I would assume they read it before checking the box.

It could also mean that an attempt to increase votes for Biden failed when the system actually worked but then you would have to believe the Tom Wolf administration did something right and that would be quite a stretch of the imagination. I would love to know which party the duplicate requests came from. The answer would not be a shocker, I’m sure.


Requests from around 208,000 individual voters were rejected overall, hundreds of them submitting three or more applications each, according to ProPublica, which co-reported with the Philadelphia Inquirer. One voter appears to have made 11 attempts in total.

One likely explanation for the rash of confusion is a lack of clarity in rejection notices sent out to voters from public officials, which alert residents that they filed a duplicate request but offer no explanation for how or why.

“They could explain what that means. A duplicate: you have applied before, we already have an application on file for you. Sit back, relax, it’s going to be coming in the mail,” said Lee Soltysiak, the chief operating officer and clerk of the Montgomery County elections board, which received 5,000 calls per day from baffled voters last week.

The mix-ups have driven doubts about the integrity of the mail-in system among some residents, such as 33-year-old Craig Sewall, a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh who described himself as “very motivated to vote.” After applying for a mail-in ballot for the general election online, Sewall received an email from the state notifying him his “application was declined because of the following reason: DECL – DUPLICATE APPLICATION,” advising him to contact his local elections board. Yet when he called, Sewall said the office was unable to answer his questions.

So far this year there have been massive attempts at fraud. Trump could lose based on ineligible voters and duplicates. This could be the biggest scandal ever in this country.


Steven Ahle

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