Park Police Release Video of Violent Protests Before Infamous Trump ‘Tear Gas’ Incident

The Democrats and the media have been spreading the fake news that protesters in Lafayette Park were just peacefully protesting but now the Park Service has released a video showing how very violent the protesters truly were. This was in answer to a lawsuit claiming police had used unnecessary force against the thugs in the park.

One mother who took her 9-year-old stepson to the protest said:

“He actually said to one of his teachers, which is what prompted us to say hey he’s not handling this well, that there was a war, and that the government was trying to kill black people.” 

“At that point, I said to myself, ‘I, I can’t offer him comfort, because that is what’s going on.’ And it’s hard because you’re a 9-year-old. And this isn’t something that you should have to think about, this isn’t something that you should have to carry with you, but you’re carrying it with you.”

How peaceful does that look like to you? I see bottles flying and police being pushed around. And remember this is right across the street from the White House.

From The Western Journal

“The video shows agitators throwing bricks, glass, bottles, and other assaults against law enforcement officers,” a Department of the Interior spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon.

“More than 60 U.S. Park Police officers have been injured since these protests started, some hospitalized requiring surgeries.”

Is this something you should bring your 9-year-old to?

The video, according to the agency, was taken during protests before June 1, when authorities cleared Lafayette Square to give Trump a path to visit St. John’s Church.

The actions taken by police were roundly criticized by Trump’s political opponents and media commentators, who have repeatedly characterized the ongoing nationwide anti-police protests as peaceful.



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