Have you ever seen a more shameless display than Joe Biden has made this week?

He was very active this week and most of his policies have benefitted China. He removed them from the banned list and has allowed them access to our power grid, which they could use to destroy this country.

He has rejoined the Paris Accord which gives China the right to increase its emissions without limits. At the same time, it cuts our emission output, giving China a huge advantage in increasing manufacturing.

By cutting the Keystone Pipeline, he has given China the opportunity to buy up all of the Canadian oil that was to come to us.

…And now, he is playing semantics and is prohibiting the term “China Virus” despite the fact that the virus came from China, which is almost universally accepted with the lone exception of Andrew Cuomo of New York (who has not been right once during the pandemic, so that makes sense).

Is Biden claiming that the virus didn’t come from China or is he only saying we shouldn’t point out the facts?

The first known case of the virus was in Wuhan. There is a major biological lab just miles away which some claim had been studying the viruses.

Trump banned travel from areas with high rates of infections, so by ending the ban, Biden will be responsible for all of the deaths that arise from infected Chinese citizens who can now come here.

During the campaign, his handlers had him stay in his basement so the voters would not see the “Make China Great Again” hat he was wearing.

From CBS

Washington — President Biden is expected to use his executive authority this week to disavow racism and xenophobia toward Asian Americans, specifically targeting anti-Asian animus connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. This action is expected on Tuesday, multiple people familiar with the plan told CBS News. 

The Biden transition team and White House Domestic Policy Council have been preparing executive action geared toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for weeks and discussed tenets of the presidential order with several outside groups, three of these advisers said.   

Drafts of the forthcoming executive order have contained a mix of both symbolic and real government action. Some of the elements discussed are likely not to make it into the final text of the executive order, according to the people involved in discussions with the White House.


Steven Ahle

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  • Hope you liberal voters are proud of what you’ve created. Biden’s already shown he will be the biggest failure as President.

  • I hope all readers realize EOs are not laws. Biden is not a king making decrees over his subjects. Maybe some people think they are to be subjugated to him but not the ones with brains. People need to wake up. Nothing he is doing by executive order is legal.

    • “Nothing he is doing by executive order is legal” – -factually, NOTHING he is doing is legal, since he IS illegitimate, another fraud squatting in the oval office.

  • CHINAVIRUSCHINA-joeCHINAVIRUSCHINA-joeCHINAVIRUSCHINA-joeCHINAVIRUSCHINA-joe!! He’s as big a commie pig as fancy nancy.

    • Koa Feliciano – Since you asked what else we can call the Chink Virus, previously dubbed the Chinese Virus (which would seem less ethnically derogatory, but who am I to question SloJoe Bidet?), there are several terms already in wide usage: Chinese Plague, Wuhan Virus, Wuhan Plague, and my current favorite, the WuFlu. Less approved, because of intimating a “racial” slur, the following are also available for avoiding “Chinese” in the correct attribution of where it all started, with “Virus,” “Plague,” and “Flu” being attached: Zipperhead, Zip, Gook, and Slant-eyed might apply in lieu of “Chinese.”

      Always happy to help!

      Đại úy Điên Cái Đầu

  • Oh how I wish I could just got to sleep and not wake up until 2024. Biden is even worse than I thought before election. The man doesn’t know this is America or at least it was before he took over with his fraud he admitted he had set up.

  • Why do we even need Congress any more now that we have a dictator that rules by signing 51 Executive Orders that kills jobs, encourages illegals to enter America and they do nothing to help the American People . But we do have now have a Congress that will waste time and money on a sham impeachment while American People and businesses need help .

  • Joe Biden has been a crook his whole life. I just wonder, is the Hunter Biden investigation over? They both need to go down. We will take our country back, and we need to do it before it is too late.

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