Gee, even BLM is having a bad case of buyer’s remorse over Joe Biden. So far only the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians could be happy with Biden as president. But the main gripe BLM has is that the Biden administration is handy out military-style weaponry to cities all across America.

What is obsolete to the military is not obsolete to the cities. But imagine if every city were equipped militarily, rioters could be in real trouble.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has had no lovefest for Trump. They call him a racist, a fascist, a white supremacist, and a Nazi. But, now they say that Biden is worse than Trump was.

Many people and groups know what it’s like to fight for the Democrats who make you feel like a hero just to be dumped once their usefulness is gone. Just ask the woman who used to head Code Pink, David Hogg, and Greta Thunberg.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation said:

“Biden’s first 100 days are up in 10 days. By then we need him to #End1033, which transfers military equipment into the hands of police across the country – including school & campus police’ Another example? The military you see out on your streets ahead of the Chauvin verdict.”

“Biden is currently sending more military equipment to our neighborhoods than Trump did. You read that right. Our communities are being terrorized at a greater rate than they had been under Trump.”

The 1033 program “granted permanent authority to the Secretary of Defense to transfer defense material to federal and state agencies for law enforcement purposes. BLM wants that to end. BLM had it’s own way all last summer and into the fall but without Trump in the White House, the Democrats now want to make them stop because now they look bad.

From The Blaze

post on the official Black Lives Matter website elaborated on the organization’s stance on the militarized police, “The Law Enforcement Support Office, known as the 1033 Program, allows the transfer of surplus military-grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country. It includes school and campus police, too.”

“Over $7 billion has gone to the law enforcement agencies since its creation under the Clinton administration,” BLM declared. “Disappointingly enough, the flow of military equipment to police under the 1033 Program has accelerated under the Biden administration — and based on recent reporting, police might just receive even more military equipment under the Biden administration than they did with the Trump administration.”

Black Lives Matter then referred to the police as “violent upholders of white supremacy.”



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