AOC objects to the statue of a Catholic priest in the Capitol because the man was white. Isn’t making decisions solely on the basis of color, the very definition of racism?

Judging that all white people must be evil because a few are is as ridiculous as saying that all bartenders are mental midgets just because AOC is.

The priest, Father Damien, a Belgium-born 19th-century priest who dedicated his life to treating lepers in Hawaii until the disease finally took his life fifteen years later.

Why would anyone consider him to be worthy of a statue? Statues should be only of the worthy such as Colin Kaepernick. Or Louis Farrakhan? Or even Maxine Waters?

According to AOC, a man who dedicates his life to treating people for a disease that no one else wanted to a prime example of colonialism and white supremacy. Does she feel like his accomplishments pale in light of hers?

What has she ever done?

Well, she has plied men and women with alcohol so they could take advantage of their God-given right to drive drunk and preventing 25,000 evil high paying jobs with excellent benefits from coming to her state.

So, what is the answer? All statues must be of a woman or a person of color or they don’t belong? I don’t know about you, but I see this nonsense snowballing if the Democrats win in November.

But if that is to be the agenda, shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff give up their seats to people of color? Shouldn’t that be AOC’s next crusade? To get all whiteys out of congress? I’m sure Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib would be more than happy to help.

From The Daily Caller

“This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like! It’s not radical or crazy to understand the influence white supremacist culture has historically had in our overall culture & how it impacts the present day,” Ocasio-Cortez said.




Steven Ahle

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  • She needs to read up on his life. She would not do what he did for patients. I don’t remember anyone voting on her deciding what gets removed. This is still America whether she likes it or not and we ALL have rights.

  • She is inherently evil! Fr. Damien was a hero and a martyr and amazing example of Catholic Faith. AOC needs to go–isn’t there anyway to force her to step down for anti-American rhetoric? We have to have her physically removed as she is a threat to America

  • Whenever I am subjected to this woman’s mindless blather, I liken the impact to how I feel after stepping in a pile of s*** someone’s dog left in my yard. She’s gotta go!

  • It’s a shame that she has no compassion for people who gave their lives to care for people with a disease, that no one else cared about. How she can turn this into racism just makes me so angry I am holding back what I really want to say because it could definitely offend some people.

  • She needs to GROW UP and go live in …wherever it is she thinks she can control!
    I think America has had enough of this immature imbecile trying to dictate our laws and morals! Take Ilan Omar & Rashida Talib with you!

    • I agree. 1000%. If she took all the energy she puts into starting by and actually worked for the people instead she may have something to say. She is trying to destroy our country

  • Father Damien, a rabbi and a racehorse walk into a tavern …

    The rabbi tells the Innkeeper…. I’ll have a glass of red wine, the father will have some whiskey, and our friend the racehorse will have 10 shots of tequila…

    The Inkeeper brings the drinks, and the racehorse raises a toast …
    “Here’s to a wonderful moment I will never forget…”

    So the Innkeeper asks the horse, “what’s up? Did you win a big race?

    The horse says no, today is the first time the rabbi bought drinks.

    To all bartenders everywhere who screwed, or would like to have screwed AOC when she was younger…. keep it real!

    • When I first saw AOC I wanted to “blank” her brains out….then I realized someone had beaten me to it….

  • You fucking idiot. It’s because he’s a white supremacist. Not simply because he’s white. Spreading lies of a pussy-grabbing, COVID virus denying grifter is irresponsible and detanged. Shame on you.

  • AOC is an seeking attention by being controversial, confrontational, a hater & a bully. Congress needs to grow a pair of COJONES, constituents would be better off without her. She’s making NY 14 th district look ridiculous. From A Latina growing weary of aoc. Was she a better barmaid ???? ?

  • Why don’t they paint the bottom half black so that it will be mixed race. AOC or any of those other small brained challenged and Antifa would not know the difference.

  • Would she also want the statues around the world of Christ destroyed as it depicts a white supremacists according to her definition. Does it not?

  • The history of leprosy was traced by geneticists in 2005 through its origins and worldwide distribution using comparative genomics. They determined that leprosy originated in East Africa or the Near East and traveled with humans along their migration routes, including those of trade in goods and slaves.

  • This Bitch better watch herself…she’s messing with Godly people….mess with your own kind of evil ????

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