Soledad O’Brien: CNN Exec Said Only “Right Kind of Black” Could Appear on Her Show

Former CNN host, Soledad O’Brien, said that when she was on CNN, an unnamed executive producer at the network told her that she could only have the “right type” of Black on her show.

She was told that Charles Blow was the right kind and Roland Martin was the wrong kind.

Soledad O’Brien


This is an interesting read. Reminds me of the cnn exec who told me: “Roland Martin isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.” She didn’t want me to book him on my show. L 

Yashar Ali 🐘


1. EXCLUSIVE: For the past six months I’ve been investigating a very powerful media executive you’ve never heard of: ABC News head of talent Barbara Fedida. What I uncovered is confidential settlements, racist and inappropriate statements, and more… 

Soledad O’Brien


Charles Blow, she told me, (also a frequent guest) was ‘the right kind of Black’.

O’Brien’s tweet did not specify who the right kind of Black is but she was obviously talking about your run of the mill plantation Black who will follow the instructions of their massas to a tee. Free Thinking Blacks were not welcome.

Blow, who also works as a CNN contributor, responded to O’Brien’s tweet on Sunday, saying, “I don’t know how to take this ‘good negro’ talk…”

Martin also responded to the story, appearing to support the claims.

“Dude, the internal sh** I had to encounter at CNN would blow folks away,” Martin wrote, adding in another tweet directed at Blow: “Bruh, the sh** said about me by certain people there behind closed doors …”

O’Brien’s tweets came in response to a Huffington Post story about ABC News executive Barbara Fedida alleging that Fedida has a long history of insensitive and racist comments, including once when she referred to cotton-picking with respect to a black reporter.

The story also noted that Fedida frequently referred to female employees at the company as “c**ts,” according to staffers who heard her use the word.



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