Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Skewers Democrats On Immigration…‘Way Too Far To The Left’ [VIDEO]

Former GHS head under Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson, issued a warning to the Democrat party that their open border stand will alienate much of the nation. He said that while Americans support Dreamers and those who come here out of fear for their lives, Americans do not agree with the carte blanche approach of the Democrats running for president. He was telling them in no uncertain terms that the open borders approach will kill them at the ballot box. I expect his warning will fall on deaf ears. I think that is good for America because it will mean the reelection of President Trump.

Johnson said:

“Look, most Americans want to be fair and treated in a humane way, those who have migrated here who are desperate, who are fleeing really bad conditions … We want to take care of the Dreamers, but Americans also want secure borders. They want to get control of illegal migration.” 

“So when we talk about deprioritizing the deportation of those apprehended at the border or decriminalizing illegal immigration, I know that we’re going way too far to the left of the American consensus on where we should be on this. And you just cannot have a policy where a Border Patrol agent arrests someone at the border and says, in effect, ‘you get to stay here unless you commit a crime.’”

He then said that he is a loyal Democrat and that he very much wishes that one wins the presidential election.

From The Daily Caller

The comments were a sharp rebuke to the leftward swing seen by Democratic presidential candidates.

Many of the candidates vying to oust President Donald Trump have espoused support for decriminalizing illegal entry into the U.S. Nearly all of the presidential candidates participating at the second debate in July, for example, raised their hand when asked if they supported such a policy change. Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, in particular, not only wants to see illegal entry decriminalized, but he also wants to decriminalize illegal re-entry, a crime that is punishable by at least two years in prison.


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