Obama’s Former Campaign Manager: Biden is Lying About Iraq

The one thing that really stands out about Biden’s run for president is that Barack and Michelle Obama are steering well clear of him. This seems to verify a theory I once had. My theory was that the reason Obama chose Biden as his running mate was as assassination insurance. He figured no one would want to kill him if he would be replaced by Biden.

Now, David Axelrod is weighing in on Biden, and he has pointed out a couple of times things that Biden has said that were simply not true. The most recent is when Joe Biden said that he was against the Iraq war, even though he voted to authorize it. When his vote was pointed out to him, Biden claimed it was a preliminary vote, and he never expected war.

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A Lexis-Nexis search on the term regime change shows that several witnesses testifying before a Senate committee warned what a Yes vote could lead to ten days before the vote. The chairman of that committee was Senator Joe Biden.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Obamas have been strangely distant from their good friend Joe Biden this election season.

Now their former campaign manager is openly attacking the leading Democrat.


As Slate reported on Biden’s record versus his words:

Biden voted to pass the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution on Oct. 11, 2002.* Though Biden now tells NPR that this was an intermediate step and that he had not expected it to lead directly to war, the possibility of invading Iraq to instigate “regime change” was explicitly under discussion at the time. In fact, the first article I found in a Nexis search for newspaper articles that included the words “regime change” in the months before the vote was an Aug. 1, 2002, New York Times piece that begins with the words, “In the first public hearings on the administration’s goal of ousting Saddam Hussein from the Iraqi presidency, an array of experts warned a Senate committee today that an invasion of Iraq would carry significant risks.” The chairman of that Senate committee was Joe Biden.

Nobody likes a liar, Joe.

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