Obama’s DHS Secretary Agrees With Trump: ‘We Simply Have To Enforce the Law’ with ICE Raids

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Jeh Johnson, who was the DHS chief under Barack Obama, is destroying the Democrats’ narrative on open borders. He agrees with Trump’s plan to raid and deport illegal aliens who have already received final deportation orders. This will not make liberals happy. They weren’t happy when Johnson previously said that detention centers did not begin with Donald Trump – because that cast aspersions on the “Chosen One,” Barack Obama. Johnson pointed out that the targets in the new raids are people who have their day in court already and have received final deportation orders based on things such as criminal records, no valid asylum claim or people who refused to appear in court for their hearing.

From The Western Journal

“Deportations occur all the time,” Johnson said. “Of those who have been ordered deported by an immigration judge, hopefully after they have exhausted their appeal rights, after they’ve had an opportunity to have their asylum case heard, we simply have to enforce the law, particularly if someone has been ordered deported.

“In other words, they’ve exhausted all their appeal rights. And so, it’s important for migrants to know they have rights. But enforcement actions themselves are not extraordinary.”

Check out part of the interview here:

In a country with a normal opposition party, the words would hardly have been worth noticing. Of course, a sovereign nation has a right to have its borders respected and, as Johnson put it, “we simply have to enforce the law.”

But the United States during the Donald Trump presidency doesn’t have a normal opposition party – it has a self-styled “resistance” that exists essentially to foil the man in the White House, regardless of the impact on the country at large.

That was on display during the first round of Democratic debates, when the clown car of contenders took positions ranging from mandating free health care for illegal aliens to treating violations of immigration law as not even a criminal matter.


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