Obama Gave Money to Al Qaeda Affiliate

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Barack Obama gave money to an Al Qaeda affiliate years after it was declared a terrorist organization. Everyone at the White House, and the State Department (which issued the grant), claim that they were not responsible for the money awarded to Al Qaeda, but couldn’t name those responsible. If there are people working at the State Department able to approve these grants with no oversight, then we need to develop a new way of allocating them. In 2004, the Bush administration declared that the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) — a Sundanese al-Qaeda affiliate — was a terrorist organization.

From Breitbart News

i24NEWS writes:

In February 2014, USAID authorized a grant of $723,405 to World Vision, an evangelical international charity, for a humanitarian project in the Blue Nile region of Sudan. According to the funding agreement, $200,000 of that grant was designated as a sub-award for the Islamic Relief Agency for the purposes of humanitarian relief for displaced persons.

World Vision says in May 2014, it applied to the Treasury to renew its registration as a charity working in Sudan, listing ISRA as a sub-grantee. It says the Treasury approved the renewal in August “without any comments or questions” about ISRA.

In November 2014, World Vision alerted USAID that its local partner might be the same Islamic Relief Agency that appears on the Treasury’s sanctions list. World Vision suspended transactions with ISRA while USAID informed the State Department and the Treasury.

In May 2015, however, the Office of Foreign Assets Control issued World Vision a license authorizing it to complete a one-time transfer of $125,000 to ISRA in Khartoum.

During the Arab Spring, Barack Obama did not support all uprisings. They supported the Muslim Brotherhood, and supplied aerial support for the terrorists looking to overthrow the Libyan government, yet would not lift a finger to help insurgents in Iran. So, is it any surprise that they gave money to terrorists?

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