This is huge. John Kerry betr5ayed our close ally, Israel to the benefit of a government that leads citizens in chants of Death to America. Secondly, the information he gave to Iran is top secret and by rights, he should be charged with the Espionage Act but as we all know, he won’t. He won’t even have to resign his position in the Biden administration. Unfortunately, Democrats betraying Israel is no isolated incident.

In a leaked conversation it was revealed that John “Lurch” Kerry told Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that Israel attacked sites in Syria targeting Iranian assets were carried out by Israel, all 200 of them. If you were Israel, would you ever share anything confidential with Joe Biden or any of his henchmen or women? This comes just days after the administration said Israel’s concerns over a US/Iranian deal would not be considered.

The New York Times is reporting that the conversation was between Mr. Zarif and an economist named Saeed Leylaz. The tape was first leaked to the UK-based, Saudi-owned Farsi-language news channel Iran International. That group is seen as hostile to the Iranian regime. The recording also contained another surprise that many in Iran were actually glad the US killed terrorist General Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Although Soleimani did much damage to the United States, many believe he also damaged Iran with his attacks and the fact that he was known to be leading those same attacks.

Zarif said:

“The United States delivered a major blow to Iran, more damaging than if it had wiped out an entire city in an attack. But he said some of Mr. Suleimani’s actions also damaged the country.”

From Breitbart News

(The attack on Soleimani was universally criticized by Democrats at the time, including then-candidate Joe Biden.)

Zarif also suggested that government matters in Iran are often dictated by the IRGC, and that Russia had worked with Soleimani to thwart the 2015 nuclear deal.

“In the Islamic Republic the military field rules,” Zarif said. “I have sacrificed diplomacy for the military field rather than the field servicing diplomacy.”

Zarif also criticized Soleimani for allowing Russian warplanes to fly over Iran on their way to bomb Syria, and for moving military equipment and personnel to Syria on the state-owned Iran Air.

During the recording, Zarif mentions several times that the interview was never intended for publication.


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  • Mr Kerry needs to be arrested for treason and removed from the Office he holds and handed over to the Israeli for trial as a treasons POS that he is .

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