The New York Times in keeping with their anti-American image has praised the Iran nuclear program as “peaceful.”

I guess that’s in the same way they refer to rioters and looters as peaceful. This time they are getting hammered for calling the nuclear program of the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism as peaceful.

Does anyone truly believe that the same Iranian government that encourages people to chant, “Death to America” does anything peacefully? I mean besides Joe Biden, the lamestream press and Democratic politicians?

The biggest reason that Arab countries are working with Israel is because their fear of the Iranians.

The NYT wrote:

“Iranian officials, who have always maintained that their nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes, not weapons, expressed fury and vowed revenge over the assassination, calling it an act of terrorism and warmongering.” 

The NYT has become a propaganda tool for China, Iran and other enemies of the United States. The same paper that criticized Trump’s America First program evidently supports China and Iran First. The Democrats have fallen in line with them. They have been crying crocodile tears over the fact that Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated.

From The Blaze

In response, the New York Times, the so-called “paper of record,” was accused of disseminating “foreign propaganda garbage.”

  • “Is this an Iranian paper?” conservative commentator Lisa Boothe said.
  • “What was once the self-styled newspaper of record is now just a well-funded left-wing blog, relentlessly hostile to America and Israel, and always ready to propagandize for their enemies,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said.
  • “NYT, once again, ignores U.S. intelligence agencies’ warnings and props up a murderous, gay killing Regime. Their tweet should have a warning label of pushing misinformation, @Twitter,” Richard Grenell responded.
  • “The New York Times is pure foreign propaganda garbage,” Republican operative Arthur Schwartz said.
  • “Two weeks ago, the IAEA declared Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile was over 12 times the legal limit. Also, you don’t build nuclear facilities deep under mountains with 90 degree entrances meant to defeat cruise missiles when they’re for peaceful purposes,” GOP operative Alex Plitsas said.
  • “Wow. The press has truly become an anti- American propaganda tool. Not even worth using for toilet paper,” another person said.
  • “Lmao. Much like the peaceful protests, this is just peaceful nuclear bomb research,” another person mocked.

Ben Rhodes and John Brennan, two principals in the Obama/Biden administration are going around and defending Iran. Whose side are these guys on? The United States is not even implicated in the assassination. We will get much more of this if Joe Biden becomes president.


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