On Monday night, a New York radio host streamed herself saying  “F*** the police,”  and drinking. Shortly thereafter she hopped into her Volkswagen even though her license was suspended and she hit a cop directing traffic, an accident that led to the officer’s death. She then drove away very quickly but was later picked up and charged in the killing of  Anastasios Tsakos.

On her “Face the Reality” radio show, Jessica Beauvais, 32, posted a video nearly two hours long in which she spoke about the Chauvin trial saying:

“This week we are going to talk about the ignorance that was the Derek Chauvin trial — or the ignorance that is essentially just is this f***ing justice system,” and played the song “F**k Tha Police,” by N.W. A. Like NWA say about the police – if you’re going to kill me, at least I get to take someone with me. I’m one of those people. If I’m going to go, someone is coming.”

Throughout the video, she can be seen vaping and drinking some kind of dark liquid. Police say she later admitted to guzzling down vodka before the incident.

It will be interesting to see if she is charged with a hate crime since she was disparaging the police before she ran an officer down.

The two circumstances would seem to be related unless she was just really drunk. But since she is Black and the officer was white, the lamestream media will not be playing it up.

From The Daily Wire

“What happened to fighting?” she asked, according to the outlet. “I grew up on fighting. I like to fight. My hands and my feet and teeth. It does something for me — what does it do for you? F***ing people up never stopped being a thing. Shooting people is still whack. It means you can’t fight. It means you’re a cop.”

After signing off around 2 a.m. by saying, “F*** the police. F*** them,” Beauvais drove onto the Long Island Expressway, according to the criminal complaint, where Anastasios Tsakos, 43, was redirecting traffic after a separate fatal car accident.

“Tsakos was in full reflective gear, next to a marked police car with flashing lights and a series of cones,” ABC 7 reported. “Authorities say she blew a .15 BAC, nearly double the legal limit, more than two hours after the incident.”

According to court documents, Beauvais stated, “I did hear a thump, so I knew I hit something but I didn’t see what it was.”


Steven Ahle

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  • I’m so sick of deadly liberal c*nts!!!! I hope she never gets to see anyone she loves ever again. She is a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to live!!! That was NO accident.

  • Clearly a hate crime..dig deeper and examine what’s been going on in our country…Let’s start with MSM and Big Tech, they have played a massive role in selective reporting. It’s to the point that they’re underlying message is that all white people are racist and that cops are only out to kill black people..

    Secondly our government plays a huge role as well. They are all about upheaval in our society. They have not done a damn thing but further suppress us. The democrats have their own agenda and it’s moving along aggressively. All of this for a vote and political gains.

    So, is she in the wrong? Of course she is, she’s just played into the hands of our failing government, media and Big Tech.

    It starts with us! If we can figure a way to stand united, the perpetrators will fall away.


  • I guess her shattered windshield and extremely dented hood could have tipped her off she hit someone.

  • I always say the best way to have justice is to do unto others as they would do unto you. So in that light, lets imagine the cop was a black woman, and the driver was a white man. The HYPOCRISY of the liberal morons are revolting. And frankly unless EVERYONE, AS IN ALL COLORS, STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH, then we are allowing that message of racial hate to poison our veins. We will end up just like the German people who fell silent when the nazi Brown shirts walked the streets and hit the Jews, then smashed their stores, then made them wear star of David on sleeves, then began dragging them in the streets and shot them, then filled cattle cars with millions of them and eventually put them in gas chambers to kill millions and millions of them. YOU THINK THAT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN???? IT IS CREEPING EVER CLOSER, LIKE A ROTTING PLAGUE, GEORGE SOROS WAS A PART OF THEM, AND IS STILL SLITHERING IN THE DEVILS DEN…FIGURE THIS OUT PEOPLE!!

  • Who is going to take to the streets in response to this policeman’s ‘death by hate’ ? Couldn’t this DJ been stopped while she was raving? Does Freedom of Speech cover telling people to kill cops over the airwaves? What a broken mess ! Our country needs prayer and plenty of it. So much of this insanity could be stopped before it starts if some common sense were applied on all sides.

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