Liberalism is a funny thing. On one hand, the Democrats aren’t making a lot of noise over the senior citizens who died because Andrew Cuomo insisted on sending COVID-positive patients into nursing homes leading to over 15,000 deaths. But let him become a #MeToo offender and they call for his head. Personally as bad as sexual harassment is, I think murder is much worse but that is not how it is seen by the left.

When Brett Kavanaugh was up fo0r confirmation to the Supreme Court, the Democrats brought forth some very non-credible witnesses against him.

People insisted that he take a lie detecto0r test. Among those calling for the test was Andrew Cuomo.

Now that he is the target, all calls for a lie detector test have been muted, especially by Cuomo. But don’t expect Cuomo to resign because he won’t. He will keep changing his story until he finds one people will believe.

New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi said in a statement that there is a “clear pattern of abuse and manipulation” by the governor and called for his resignation:

“I commend the courage of Ms. Bennett and Lindsey Boylan for coming forward. The harassment experienced bye these former staffers is part of a clear pattern of abuse and manipulation by the Governor, and that pattern makes him unworthy of holding the highest office in New York,” Biaggi said in a statement. “A truly independent investigation into the allegations made by Ms. Bennett, Ms. Boylan, and any forthcoming survivors should take place — but the Governor’s influence touches all entities in New York that might review his conduct.”

From The Gateway Pundit

“While a truly independent investigation may uncover more evidence or instances of abuse, the existing details are sufficient for me to form my conclusion. As a New Yorkers, a legislator, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, and a survivor of sexual abuse, I am calling for Governor Cuomo to resign,” the statement concluded.

Democratic New York State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou also called for his resignation.

“You’re showing, @NYGovCuomo,” she tweeted. “Our governor is a manipulative, controlling, abusive, power obsessed, predator. Please resign.”


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