What should have been a standard traffic stop that ended with the driver shooting the officer with a rifle? Omar Felix Cueva was pulled over by Officer Darian Jarrott, who informed him that the tint on his window was too dark and violated the law. He asked Cueva for his license and then asked him to follow him to the squad car as his information was confirmed. Once outside the car, Cueva pulled up his rifle fired, and hit the officer before fleeing the scene.

Cueva had an AR-15 by his side when he suddenly pulled it up and shot the officer. He left him on the ground as he drove off. Officer Jarrott can be heard screaming “Oh shit” before multiple shots were fired in his direction. I wonder how long it is until Cueva sues the officer and his police station. Is it just me or have the usual traffic stop end up in violence against police officers doing their job.

From The Daily Caller

Footage appears to lapse for a few moments before Cueva can be seen running back into his truck as Jarrott lays on the side of the road.

Cueva then sped off while Jarrott lay on the side of the road. A Homeland Security Investigations agent arrived on scene and notified state police that an officer was down, according to KVIA.

Other officers then chased Cueva’s pickup truck with Cueva firing rounds at officers, according to the report. Cueva was later killed in a shootout with authorities, according to the report.

The job of a law enforcement officer gets more dangerous every day especially in cities where attacks on police are considered an acceptable form of protest such as Seattle or Portland.

Just a few days ago Antifa attempted mass murder when they barricaded the ICE building and then set it on fire.

Fortunately, no one died but it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

In some cities, they are cutting the budget for the police and offer really ignorant alternative measures like sending in unarmed park rangers when there is a call about someone with a gun.

The only thing dumber than that change is anybody who would accept such a job.


Steven Ahle

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  • CNN should not be allowed to call themselves news and receive not freedom of press. They are entertainment not press or news
    FCC should suspend MSNBC for the F bomb being aired at least 10 times in a minute

  • I can’t help but think that this incident was manufactured and the officer sacrificed to produce an AR-15 related murder.

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