The state of New York is funding a program that will pay up to $15,600 to illegal aliens who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

They will be required to prove they are residents of New York and that they lost their jobs due to the pandemic. But, what if they do not have proof of that? Well, they will still get $3,200 from the state.

If I lived in New York I would be outraged that their elected officials placing illegal aliens above American citizens.

New York has created a $2.1 billion dollar fund from which the money will be paid from. The money was allocated as part of the new $212 billion dollar budget for New York.

This is government for the illegals, by the illegals, and for the illegals. New York has an estimated 750,000 illegal aliens although that number could increase as they apply for the cash.

New Jersey residents may use New York addresses to claim the $3,200.

Fox News reported:

New York lawmakers struck a deal this week to establish a $2.1 billion coronavirus relief fund for undocumented immigrants and other unemployed workers who were ineligible for federal aid during the pandemic.

The fund, which was announced as part of a broader $212 billion state budget agreement, will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost their jobs during the virus-induced crisis.

“This nation’s economy has long been built on the backs of our undocumented workforce, and their essential labor that has helped keep our nation running throughout this pandemic,” New York State Sen. Jessica Ramos, a proponent of the fund, said in a statement.

Is it any wonder people are leaving New York in droves? They are set to lose at least one House seat, possibly two pending the final count of the 2020 census.

New York was locked down, destroying the economy and there appears no sign that they will be letting up enough in the near future to make a real difference in their lives but a check for $15,600 for illegal aliens will give them more support than an American citizen gets.


Steven Ahle

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  • Can I get a step by step process of how to get this money? One thing that I know about dems is they throw money at shot without any controls, so literally 80% of this cash will be claimed by overseas gangs because the demonrat party’s constituency seems to be organized criminals. My guess if anyone really spent any time on it the entire Dem party could be arrested as a transnational criminal gang. One day someone will have the balls to just arrest them all and start the executions. The left will go nuts, the population will sigh with relief

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