New Warren Remarks On Illegal Immigration Likely To Turn Off Both Sides

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Elizabeth Warren is quickly becoming the candidate for illegal aliens and transgenders. She will pretty much screw everyone else. Her latest remarks on illegal aliens will turn off many Republicans as well as many moderate Democrats, a group she needs if she is to have any chance of winning. Trump and his team must lick their chops every time a poll shows her winning.

She wants to grant amnesty to up to 22 million illegal aliens and give them free Medicare For All (MFA), in many cases. She claims the taxes they pay will fund her MFA plan. But since most of them are unskilled, the chances are they will pay no tax and will actually receive refunds through the child credit and the Earned Income Credit.

Even more troubling is her comments in a recent rally when a Hispanic woman asked her if she would suspend deportations. And as a follow-up, she asked if Warren would suspend the deportation of illegals with criminal records. To both questions, Warren indicated that she would be open to both questions.

From The Daily Wire

During the first exchange, a Hispanic woman who spoke through a translator asked Warren if she would deport illegal aliens who had criminal records.

Transcript of the first set of Warren’s remarks that are likely to be problematic for her:

Translator: I have two questions. If you become president, will you pass a moratorium on deportations? And, if the answer is yes, will you be willing to include people like my husband with criminal records as part of that moratorium?

Warren: I am so sorry for the troubles that you and your five children face. So, I am open to suspending deportations particularly as a way to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform. I believe that what we’re doing right now with ICE focusing on people who do not pose a threat … that they do not make this country safer.

The woman, through her translator, stated that her husband has a criminal record, and Warren responded by saying that she was open to not deporting people with criminal records and suggested that targeting people like that for deportation does “not make this country safer.”

Oh really? Is America safer if these criminal illegal aliens are wandering the streets in this country or back where they came from? Even a moron can figure that out.


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