New Poll Finds 38 Percent Of Voters Believe Joe Biden Has Dementia – Even 20 Percent Of Democrats

Democrats have no morals and they put in their best effort to prove that day in and day out. Let’s look at the candidate they are running for a chance to take over the White House.

Democrats accuse President Trump of abusing women but the only woman with a credible case with back up is Tara Reade, Biden’s accuser. They claim that President Trump is a white supremacist, despite his lifelong record of good deeds for Blacks, especially as president.

But, it’s Joe Biden who has a long history of making racist statements and who pushed Bill Clinton’s crime bill through the Senate that led to the mass incarceration of Blacks. And to prove that was no fluke, Biden criticized George W Bush for being too soft on criminals and criminal behavior.

Democrats claim all kinds of mental diseases are suffered by President Trump, but he always seems clear and articulate. But Joe Biden cannot even read one line without messing it up like he did last week. He never knows what city he is in or even what office he is running for.

I ask you seriously, do you really believe Dementia Joe will be able to hold his own in the three debates with President Trump?

In recent polling, it was found that 38% of those polled believe Sleepy Joe suffers from Dementia. In fact, even 20% of Democratic voters agree with that assessment.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Washington Examiner reports:

Poll: 20% of Democrats ‘think Biden has dementia,’ 38% among all voters

Joe Biden’s gaffes and mumblings are catching up to him with his own base of voters, with one-fifth believing he has dementia, according to a new survey.

Rasmussen Reports revealed in new data shared with Secrets that 20% of Democrats believe he suffers from the debilitating disease. Many more Republicans, 66%, agree.

Overall, 38% believe Biden has dementia, likely driven by his misstatements during speeches and Zoom events.

Seniors are the age group most likely to think Biden is suffering from dementia, said the Rasmussen analysis.

The report followed a Zogby poll that found 55% believe that the 77-year-old Democrat and former vice president is in the early stages of dementia. “Right now voters have questions concerning Biden’s mental health and stamina,” said the Zogby analysis.

Yet, even though Joe Biden is a sexual assaulter, white supremacist and suffers from dementia, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the over the hill gang are voting Dementia Joe.


  1. Wow you tell more lies than he does, Bush was a law an order president, the Democrats have always been for the defendants rights, our rights!!! Why are writing so may lies, who bought you Uncle Tom! Trump is big time law and order, he’s talking bringing in the military on protesters. His own Generals refused, you fucking sell out, how do sleep at night when you have sold your own people back to people like Trump, the most racist president ever. He admits to it all the time. When he goes to his hotel or casinos all black have to leave the floor he is on, what rock did you crawl out from under, it sure had a lot of scum on it and your holding the bag!


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