The FBI has requested that the “Voter Integrity Project” investigation for the conservative Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society be turned over to them.

The records are allegedly of those who voted multiple times in the presidential election in both their old state, and in their new one. Of course, that is illegal and many of those votes could get tossed.

This is no small thing. Apparently, there are a couple of hundred thousands of duplicate voters. In Georgia, if just 1/6th of the duplicates are tossed out, Trump wins the state. It would also make up ground in other swing states.

But, if you are like me, you have very little faith in the FBI at this point. And even if they do investigate, Joe Biden will insist the prosecutor get fired.

And what happens if the prosecutor doesn’t get fired? Will Biden withhold a loan guaranty to Hunter Biden?

Just joking.

But, I am certain Biden will shut down any and all investigations into Democrats. That might be what John Durham is counting on. He does not relish dropping it on his own but he would probably welcome Biden doing it for him.

Matt Braynard tweeted:

Matt Braynard@MattBraynard
·Update: – The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots. – By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.2.9K11.9K28.5K

Matt Braynard@MattBraynard·– While there has been legit criticism of the actions of leaders of the agency over the last several years, I can personally attest to the many patriots within the rank-and-file who are fighting on the side of the Constitution and Law and Order.

Braynard pointed out that to protect his evidence, he is only giving the FBI copies of his investigation and he is holding onto all of the originals.

Phillip Kline, who heads the Amistad Project, said:

“This data has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots in the states where we filed litigation. More about this data will be made available in Matt Braynard’s appearance before a meeting with legislators in Arizona tomorrow.”

One thing you need to keep in mind that many if not most of those accused of voting in two states may not have done that. The votes could be voter fraud using the state’s list of those who moved out of the state. That would prove to be even more heinous.


Steven Ahle

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  • I wonder if the FBI was watching the hearing in PA, AZ, MI and NV. Each state verified FRAUD. I hope the FBI will do something. President Trump won in a fair election.

    • I agree with you 100%, I felt that the demoRATS were going to cheat because they knew they could not win if they were going the honest route. SHAME on them.

  • Lately in my open ion when contacted they never return your Calls they pass Ex post Facto Laws that are Unconstitutional see for yourself Just read Article ! Section 9 Clause 3 of the U S Constitution Such as All Gun Laws are Unconstitutional Due to the Fact that in the Bill of Rights Article @ Gives us we the People the Right to Keep and Bare Arms and this right is not to be Infringed on in other wards to Never be added to our Taken away from and the Real Maisha is we the People Not the Government the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to Protect the rest of the Amendments .as well as to protect we the people against all Tyrant Governments Both Ferin and Domestic Also see Article 6 Section 1 Clause ‘2 and 3 that States that all laws Made in Contrary to the U S Constitution are NOT Withstanding in Other wards Null and Void .Like it our not. Case Closed Once and For all.

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