NBPC Declares Peter Fonda a Domestic Terrorist

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As everyone knows by now, Peter Fonda sent out a tweet threatening to kidnap Barron Trump and put him in a cage with a pedophile. He also wanted to separate Sarah Sanders from her kids. Oh, and have Kirstjen Nielsen placed in a cage and sexually assaulted. For this, the NBPC (National Border Patrol Council) has placed Fonda on the domestic terrorist list. It might make flying interesting. First Lady Melania Trump notified the Secret Service of Fonda’s threats.


From The Independent Sentinel

Academy Award-nominated actor, filmmaker, and all-around aged has-been, Peter Fonda called for Barron Trump to be kidnapped and placed in a cage with pedophiles. He also wants to see children of ICE agents’ threatened at their schools. Fonda happily tweeted that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen should be stripped naked and whipped in public. The latter brought out Nancy Sinatra who lauded him for it.

First Lady Melania called Secret Service after Peter Fonda threatened her child.

The old guy took the tweet down but @Jack hasn’t taken down his account despite Fonda’s calls for violence.

I can remember the press saying you can’t mention Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls but the Bush girls and Barron Trump are mistreated and the lamestream press doesn’t mind a bit. I can hardly wait for the next Democratic president who should take office around 2041 or so.


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