Nancy Pelosi Condemns New Immigration Rules, Demands Open Borders

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Nancy Pelosi is hopping mad. President Trump is closing the spigot that allows vast numbers of illegal Democrat voters ahead of 2020 elections. She makes the false claim that the new rule says that asylum seekers must apply in the first safe country to which they come. Pelosi acts as if this were a Trump invention. It’s not. It is recognized internationally.

In applying the concept of first country of asylum to the particular circumstances of an applicant for asylum Member States may take into account Article 27 (1).
It should be noted that Member States are not required to apply the concept of first country of asylum, as Article 26 is a permissive provision.
However, in accordance with the APD, those Member States which apply the concept are not required to examine whether an applicant qualifies as a refugee or for subsidiary protection status, where a country which not a Member State is considered as a first country of asylum for the applicant pursuant to Article 26.2
In other words, the Member State may consider such applications as inadmissible.

Via Nancy Pelosi’s website:

Washington, D.C. –

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the Trump Administration’s new asylum rule, which creates unprecedented and impossible hurdles for families seeking asylum and clearly violates the Immigration and Nationality Act:

“The President is devastating lives, dishonoring our values and departing from decades of precedent and law in his haste to destroy the lifeline of asylum in America. This cruel new asylum rule perfectly showcases the Administration’s utter disdain and disregard for immigrant communities and communities of color.

“This asylum rule is a clear abdication of American humanitarianism. Since Day One, the Administration has turned its back on generations of Republican and Democratic leadership, which has long recognized that the lifeline of asylum is central to our nation’s values, history and future. As the American Association of Evangelicals has testified, America’s commitment to opening our doors to those in need is the ‘crown jewel of American humanitarianism.’

“The Administration has clearly overreached their authority and violated the law with these restrictions, which will be swiftly and successfully challenged in the courts. The Democratic House will always stand firm against attacks on immigrants, and will continue to call on the White House to join us to support smart, effective immigration policies that honor our values and keep families together and safe.”


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