UPDATE: PopOff Marketing in Jacksonville, Florida is not the same as PopOff agency and they are unaffiliated with each other.

Danielle Reiss attended President Trump’s campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada. She never thought for a moment that she would lose her job over her choice for president. But, that is the way things work with today’s cancel culture. If you don’t toe their line, they will try to destroy you. She committed the heinous act of holding up a Trump poster.

The next thing she knew, she received a letter from her employer, Pop Off . That letter said that her support of Trump went against all the company stands for. The cancel culture should work both ways. If you do business with Pop Off, you should drop them like a bad habit. Pop Off brings together publicists with artists and in return the publicists pay them a fee.

The letter read:

Reiss’s problem is that she is a contract worker and not a regular employee, so what her company is doing is legal. They didn’t fire her, they are just not going to renew their contract when this one is over. However, they have not sent her a single referral since they sent her the letter. So, in reality they have already fired her.

From The Federalist

“We saw your latest Instagram post in which you held a ‘Make America Great Again’ poster,” the email said. “From this, we infer that you support the policies and ideologies of Donald Trump’s administration, which blatantly undermine the values we uphold at Pop Off.”

The email, which appears to be from Pop Off President and Chief Financial Officer Ben Silvers, adds that the agency will continue working with Reiss until February 2021, but after that “we will be terminating our professional relationship with you and will cease all partnership activities.”

The email Reiss received cited the agency’s commitment to “stand for equality, inclusion, and kindness in everything we do,” before expressing the agency’s decision to terminate any future partnership with Reiss.

Reiss said:

“There’s nothing less diverse or less inclusive than a company who terminates someone because they have different beliefs. Diversity also includes diversity of thought and diversity of opinions.”

We need to cut out companies from our lives that discriminate against conservatives. Once they feel the heat, they will be able to see the light.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for DavidJHarrisJr.com, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on Amazon.com. All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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    • Oh, and based on my clearly stated case against against Ben Silver, the President/CFO of PopOff Agency, I completely agree that a Civil Rights violation is being committed by this dishonest agency.

  • Our America as we’ve grown to love is changing rapidly. The fact that you could be fired for your choice of candidate to support, is against all that our nation has stood for. People we are going into the most important election ever. Please vote, research the candidate before hand.

    • I concur, Sharon. AND our dirty politicking is certainly moving faster than many of the other aspects. The only BAD vote is a vote from a voter who doesn’t do their homework (and those voters are the ones that usually complain for four years after!)

  • I urge this woman and any other person that has been discriminated against for being a Republican/or choosing Mr Trump as there President , To seek Legal help and fight back against this bad behavior from the DEM Left, I urge this woman to Sue the crap out of her Employers for violating her RIGHTS .

    • Absolutely agree. Her right to vote for, and speak out for the candidate of her choice IS a protected right under the First Amendment within all legal and lawful guidelines, and DOES NOT require permission, nor allow discrimination by any employeer, regardless of whether she is full time, part time, or contract.

    • Agree 100%. If the company would have said nothing and just let her go she would have no case. However the fact they sent that email explaining exactly why, they have violated her civil rights under the first Amendment.

  • I find this news to be absolutely appalling. It is, at the least, most certainly outside the realms of ethical business practices, and, because it discriminates against a person’s right to exercise their political beliefs OUTSIDE of and exclusive of the context of their workplace, should certainly be considered a violation of their Civil Rights!

    Ben Silver’s Pop Off Agency clearly explains on his company’s website, under the link titled VALUES, that their: on their website, that their:
    “…leadership, staff, partners, and clients reflect the diversity of the larger music-consuming audience. We will actively celebrate all artists because we believe diverse identities, from race, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic background to immigration status make us stronger.”
    And yet they will discriminate against the political beliefs without regard to their statement that:
    “…Everyone we work with will be treated with respect.”
    Their actions speak so much louder than their empty Values Statement, which in all actuality is a big fat lie. They use their business to intimidate those associates that they purportedly treat with respect, cutting those associates with differing political beliefs out of their relationships.
    These are stereotypical of the lies by which I have found Democrats traditionally live. As a disappointed and voluntarily disenfranchised Democrat myself (I left after the beginnings of the Johnson administration), I have never seen an organization or people within the organization, “talk the talk and then adamantly refuse to walk the walk!” Ben SIlvers of POP OFF is certainly one of those.
    As such, I am most proud and pleased to peel back both the hypocrisy of this unethical and dishonest practice of this Agency and their blatant attempts by prejudicial termination practices to both punish a person’s God-given right to choose their political beliefs and to contradict their own “values” in an attempt to influence other associates in their “sphere of influence” in their voting choice.
    As an independent business professional and music publisher myself, and despite the fact I have never knowingly done business with, and will most certainly never, moving forward, do ANY business down the road with anyone associated with POP OFF AGENCY or its President/CFO Ben SIlvers. I don’t work with dishonest people of ANY political persuasion!
    I am therefore proud and pleased to pass this information on to my contacts in ASCAP and other business and independent professionals within MY sphere of influence for information only, with the hopes that it helps them to take seriously informed consideration before choosing to associate or do business with the Ben Silvers/POP OFF Agency. Disingenuous businesses just don’t belong in our business.
    If they are dishonest in their VALUES Statement, how can we believe they will be honest in our business dealings with them???

  • Hi, my name is Chris Corigliano. I am the owner of PopOff Marketing, a Jacksonville- based digital marketing agency that is unaffilliated with Pop Off Agency.

    Your article is causing numerous people to reach out to my agency with hateful, vengeful and downright mean comments.

    We understand everyone’s frustration regarding Ms. Reiss’ wrongful termination and believe the American right of free speech should be held in the highest regard.

    Please, if you would be so kind, inform your readers that PopOff Marketing is not at fault or involved in this situation.

    Thank You!

    • You should be ashamed of yourself for pretending that your company want inclusivity since the moment someone has different views from yours, they get cancelled.

      • Hey, Chris! Did you not read his post? His company, with a similar name to the one in question, is NOT THE SAME COMPANY. And then you go and make a critical post like that. Ridiculous!

  • So now you can’t be an American, but it’s ok for you POPOFF to run biz and profit from America way of life ? Someone publish all info on this clown show and let’s find a way to return the favor :–)

  • “From this, we infer that you support the policies and ideologies of Donald Trump’s administration, which blatantly undermine the values we uphold at Pop Off.”

    Oh, you mean policies like lower taxes? Unfair trade policies with China and other countries? Eliminated illegal immigration so that more legal US citizens can have a job?

    Oh, you mean ideologies like protecting the constitution which gives you, PopOff, the ability to _be_ a business, let alone _do_ business? Whatever.

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