The attorney for Maricopa County claims that they cannot hand over the routers or passwords because it would put law enforcement in danger. I call BS. Their excuses don’t hold water and simply appears to be another attempt to cover up whatever happened Maricopa County in relation to the vote. A memo from May 3rd informed the auditors that they could not hand over the routers and additional passwords.

Routers La Rue to Bennett R… by Jim Hoft


We noted that the Sherriff of Maricopa County, Paul Penzone, was cc’d in the letter. Penzone won his office with $2 million dollar campaign contr4ibution from George Soros. He was somehow able toi beat Sheriff Joe and preventing him from getting a seventh term.

But, getting back to the routers. The arguments they made are debunked by an article appearing in The Gateway Pundit

1. The first bone of contention is in the first paragraph of the above response letter where the County claims:

delivering routers, or “virtual images” of routers, posed a significant security risk to law enforcement data utilized by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as well as numerous federal agencies. We had previously believed that the risk would be eliminated by redacting the law enforcement data on the routers and not producing it”.

This response is very questionable because based on our discussion with experts, routers only show the traffic going between entities.  Routers record date and time stamps of traffic flow to/from entities and these timestamps are by the second and are not editable.  Based on this response the County doesn’t want the auditors to see where data was transferred to and from related to the 2020 Election.

2. In the second paragraph, the County states:

Providing routers or virtual images of routers puts sensitive, confidential data belonging to Maricopa County’s citizens— including social security numbers and protected health information at risk as well. As a result, the County cannot at this time provide the virtual images of routers. The County knows that the Senate would not want to do anything that would endanger the lives of law enforcement officers, their operations, or the protected health information and personal data of Maricopa County’s citizens.

Since the routers don’t record and save the information transferred to and from the County it is not possible to see any data with social security numbers and health info in routers.  This is total BS – said one of our experts who looked at this.

3. The third paragraph basically says we will keep looking at this issue and if we find a way to safely provide you the data from the routers we’ll let you know. (Yes, more BS)

4. In the fourth and final paragraph the County addresses their inability to provide passwords:

Additionally, you wrote me on April 30, 2021, asking that the County provide additional passwords, user names, and/or security keys utilized with the County’s precinct-based tabulators. The County has provided every password, user name, and security key in its custody or control, as commanded by the Senate’s subpoenas, and does not have any others.


Steven Ahle

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